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Sitting Tight

More work has been done on our 1960 Peony red Jensen 541S. The latest instalments are the seat covers and pockets that have been made

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Jensen Dash Trimming

Kath has been working on both of our Jensen 541 R’s within the Bridge Classic Cars Trim Shop. She has been simultaneously working on interior

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MGA Bodywork Progress

Our MGA restoration has been progressing nicely. The body has been down in our in-house trim shop with Chris. Chris has been checking body panel

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MGA Bodywork Update

Chris has been working hard getting our MGA body prepared and painted. After bracing and repairing any rust patches in the metalwork, he moved onto

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This Just In – 1975 Volkswagen Beetle

Bridge Classic Cars have welcomed this 1975 Volkswagen Beetle into our Pettistree workshop recently for our in-house restoration teams to assess and report on the condition of the car for its owner.

After the team has assessed the car and thoroughly inspected it, they will come up with a list of jobs that need to be undertaken on the classic aircooled Volkswagen to get it back into safe and running order.

Behind The Scenes – Handover of the 1975 Ford Escort Mk1 RS Mexico Recreation with BBC Radio Suffolk

One of the best parts about the process of someone winning a dream classic from Bridge Classic Cars Competitions is the look on their face when their new pride and joy is revealed to them for the first time. It’s a beautiful moment and with our latest competition winner, Chris and his 1975 Ford Escort Mk1 RS Mexico Recreation, we were lucky enough to capture the whole process along with a good friend of Bridge Classic Cars.

As the team arrived, with the RS Mexico safely stowed away inside our enclosed transporter, the air was electric. Chris, who won the Escort RS Mexico Recreation on Thursday last week, was there to meet the team and the transporter. As the team got the Transporter in position, a long time friend of Bridge Classic Cars and Classic Bus Enthusiast Luke Deal arrived. Luke is of course one of the voices of BBC Radio Suffolk. Luke has been a friend of Bridge Classic Cars since we did our 1948 Morris Lowlight competition which, just like Chris, was won by someone just round the corner from our headquarters in Pettistree.

After the introductions and the plan had been gone through. It was time for the next big surprise for Chris. He was about to be interviewed live on BBC Radio Suffolk about how he won the car and his thoughts and emotions about now being the proud owner of this incredible classic. As this was happening, the Bridge Team were busy shooting videos and photographs but also Live Streaming the handover on our Facebook Page. Along with Luke having a chat with Chris about his prize, he also spent a few minutes talking to Charlotte about Bridge Classic Cars Competitions, how it is done and the amazing response that we have had across the enthusiast community.

Then, it was time for the big reveal. Standing off to one side of the car, Chris watched on with Luke as Charlotte and Craig pulled back the fitted black cover to reveal Chris’s bright green pride and joy. It was quite a sight to see him overcome with emotion as the realisation sunk in that the car well and truly belonged to him. He had to pause during his live reaction chat with Luke to gather his thoughts a couple of times as you could see how much this car meant to him.

With Chris now the proud new owner of the 1975 Ford Escort Mk1 RS Mexico Recreation, he had a chat with Freddie and Charlotte about how he had entered and his feelings about winning which was so lovely to see a real, genuine person so filled with happiness and excitement about his dream classic. That is what sits at the core of Bridge Classic Cars Competitions.

To listen to both Chris and Charlotte live on the air with Luke Deal today on BBC Radio Suffolk, click the link below and skip to 10:45.

Click here to Listen to Luke Deal with Bridge Classic Cars and the latest winner Chris.

Back Together – Refitting the Engine and Gearbox to the 1998 Honda Integra Type R

Tamas and Paul, our in-house restoration technicians have been busy refitting the wiring harness, accessories, engine and gearbox back into the 1998 Honda Integra Type R that is in at Bridge Classic Cars.

Using reference photos and the catalogued parts from the dismantling of the car, the whole engine bay now looks as good as new.

Next stages for the Integra will be to get the vehicle back together before final check overs. Expect to see more here on the Bridge Classic Cars blog.

Gentle and Fair – Reworking the Rear Wing of the 1951 Riley RMB

With a car as intricate and flowing as the 1951 Riley RMB, it’s important that our in-house metalwork craftsmen at Bridge Classic Cars apply all their skills and knowledge to ensure each flow, curve and line are exactly right on the car.

Highlighted in this post is the extensive work our fabricator James has done on the rear wing of the Riley RMB. Much of the original material had pitted in places, and in some places to the point of allowing holes to grow in the metal itself especially along the rear flange. This piece has been replaced before as can be seen by the various patches and pieces along the length of the panel.

Carefully and with much reserve, James began to remove the affected piece from the panel. Removing only what needed to be and keep as much of the original piece as possible. The new section would have to be entirely handmade for this wing but that is no problem for our fabrication shop.

James measured not only the length but the thickness of the piece that would be needed to replace the original flange. Then, using the English wheel, James skillfully began to give the piece its shape and form. Constantly offering up the new piece and referring to the shape of the original. A combination of shrinking and stretching key areas of the panel allowed it to blend into the original piece.

Then, it came time to join the two parts together. Slowly and precisely James TIG welded the parts together at strategic points, allowing the piece to cool at the correct rate and distributing the heat in such a way as to minimise the warp caused to the panel from the process. Once completely married up, James then began to finesse the join.

Using a planishing hammer and a selection of dollies, James began to smooth the joint between the two panels together until there little to no signs they had never been together their entire lives. That is craftsmanship…

Out and About – VW Type 2 Campervan

Whilst out on the original photo shoot for our 1965 Amphicar, our Marketing manager Freddie snapped this photo.

It’s a stunning VW Type 2 Camper. There’s something just so charming about these vans that are beloved by young and old that crosses all divides. This one is finished really nicely and obviously is loved by its owner.

This Just In – 1966 Sunbeam Alpine

Hopefully, you will have all seen the news by now but if not, Bridge Classic Cars have got a fantastic 1966 Sunbeam Alpine in with us in our workshop. Yes, the same as Sean Connery drove in the James Bond film Dr No. This is going to be a competition car which one lucky winner will be drawn.

This honest and really rather lovely 60s sports car also has an incredibly rare hardtop! so no matter the weather it can be enjoyed by its future owner. At Bridge Classic Cars, our in-house teams will assess the car soon to come up with a plan to get the Sunbeam to a stage where it can be instantly used and enjoyed.

Keep checking the blog for more updates on this fantastic car.

New Arrival – 1970 Dodge Charger

Just arrived at Bridge Classic Cars is this gorgeous 1970 Dodge Charger for interior fit out.

Expect to see more of this iconic second-generation Charger on our blog page!

Extension to Bridge Classic Cars workshops…

Work is soon underway on the extension to our workshop which means our storage unit has been moved to the other side of the site in preparation for the grounds work to take place.

We’re eagerly awaiting this building work to start so that we can have a new exciting workshop with even more space.

Bristol Dent Correction

Our 1973 Bristol has gone into the paint shop to have a small dent repaired. Now finished, you’d never know it had been there.

How Bridge Classic Cars Thrived In 2020

2020 has been a challenge for us all. Nobody has been able to avoid the immense challenges that Covid-19 has presented. So how could we not only adapt, but thrive during a Global pandemic?

This year we’ve seen 11 Jensen’s pass through our Classic Car workshop. Having built up a superb reputation for Jensen 541 restorations, we are now one of the most prolific Jensen 541 restorers worldwide. Our expert team of classic car technicians have continued to uphold our incredibly high standards for quality, even with so many disruptions this year.

Formerly specialising solely in the sale and restoration of classic cars, we have had to adapt to an increasingly challenging economic landscape. With 90 percent of our workforce unable to work. Craig and Freddie fast-tracked the launch of Bridge Classic Cars Competitions. Fortunately the launch of our competitions couldn’t have come at a better time. In preparation since January 2020, we were planning to launch a completely new division to the business, for quite some time. We seized the extra time we suddenly have an with the first national lockdown on the 16th March began work on the new division of Bridge Classic Cars.

Bridge Classic Cars Competitions has been hugely successful. We’ve harnessed the power of social media as our primary marketing source and increased our monthly social media impressions from a few thousand users to over 1.4 million unique users every month, reaching classic car enthusiasts across the UK with industry leading innovative digital media advertising campaigns. This has allowed us to move our physical face-to-face car sales into an online space.

Charlotte, friend of Bridge Classic Cars, talented presenter and face of Bridge Classic Cars competitions has connected with classic car enthusiasts across the country in regular live videos. She’s brought an incredible warmth and energy to our brand.

Our customers have won their dream cars by purchasing tickets which cost just a few pounds, changing their lives forever. Here is the moment Colin, winner of our 1966 Ford mustang Competition saw his car for the first time

Global Automotive Awards - Corporate Vision Magazine

Our success has been recognised by industry professionals, having recently been named Classic Car Restoration Specialists of the Year at the London and South East Prestige awards from Corporate LiveWire.

We have also been awarded both Best Classic Vehicle Restoration and Maintenance Company and Innovation in Automotive Marketing 2020 at Corporate Vision’s Global Automotive Awards.

We would like to thank you, the classic car community reading this. Our successes are nothing without this community. We are so immensely proud of the wonderful group of enthusiasts we have following our journey and it is with great excitement we anticipate the re-introduction of in-person meetings. But until we meet again, we hope you all stay safe, stay well and we look forward to a brighter future.

Sitting Tight

More work has been done on our 1960 Peony red Jensen 541S. The latest instalments are the seat covers and pockets that have been made by our trim shop. This involved marking out the leather for the seats, sewing the piping and side bands on, making and sewing on the skirt, and then creating the pockets. Once all these elements have been carefully created, that can be put together.

Our engine specialist, Ady is in the process of rebuilding the engine. So far the bottom end is done and its awaiting the cylinder heads to be attached.

1961 Morris Mini Deluxe Leaves the Paint Shop

Another major stage in the restoration of our 1961 Mini has been hit. Darren has completed painting the body shell. After a polish it’s looking absolutely stunning in the sunlight.

Our Mini has been painted in the original cherry red paint colour. This is a much stronger red than the more maroon tone of the Mini 30’s cherry red paint.

Smashing work, Darren. When paired with the cream wheels and details, this little mini will look incredible.

1973 Triumph TR6 Restoration Update

Mauro has been working on our Triumph TR6 restoration. He’s made fabulous progress over the past week, the car is really starting to take shape now.

Mauro has recently fitted the Heater box with a new matrix. He has also installed the fuel tank and uprated Bosch fuel pump.

With the chrome work and black exterior elements now installed, the rich Magenta colour is looking simply gorgeous.

£2,000 Donated To The NHS From Our MGB Roadster Competition

Bridge Classic Cars would like to thank everyone who entered our 1964 MGB Roadster competition. This donation was made on behalf of each and every one of you who supported our first ever competition. 

Thank you to all the wonderful NHS staff and key workers across the country. We are immensely grateful for your courage, resilience and compassion in these trying times.

Stay safe, stay well and stay positive. 

The Bridge Classic Cars Team

Jaguar E-type Racecar: Dash Wiring

Bob, Bridge Classic Cars’ Electrical Technician has been working on our own E-Type racecar project. He’s currently wiring in all the gauges and instrumentation associated with the dash.

Does your classic car have electrical issues? Our experienced team can diagnose and repair electrical faults on classic vehicles. Get in touch with our office team today to see how we can be of service.

1928 Bill Knott Midland Caravans / Bluebird Caravans Returns to Bill Knott’s Grandson

Our 1928 Caravan, built by the legendary Caravan manufacturer, Bill Knott has been bought by Bill Knott’s Family!

Believed to have been built by a 16-year-old Bill Knott in his garden shed this is one of the earliest examples of his work.It will now feature in a museum exhibition which delves into the life and work of one of the founding fathers of the caravan.

Thank you to our friends at Russell’s Transport for their wonderful service.

We couldn’t think of a better home for this wonderful historic caravan to go to.

Jensen Dash Trimming

Kath has been working on both of our Jensen 541 R’s within the Bridge Classic Cars Trim Shop. She has been simultaneously working on interior components for both of our Jensen 541 R restorations.

The Jensen dials have also arrived in to the workshop, ready to be fitted and wired in to the newly trimmed dash.

Great work, Kath! These new interior pieces will shortly be installed into both cars.

MGA Bodywork Progress

Our MGA restoration has been progressing nicely. The body has been down in our in-house trim shop with Chris. Chris has been checking body panel fitment and making any nessasary adjustments for perfect panel gapping.

From this stage, the panels have been thoroughly prepared. Chris has sanded and filled in the panels multiple times to make sure the surface is perfect before it goes into paint.

Great work, Chris! We can’t wait to see how this MGA looks after painting!

Jaguar E-Type Racecar: Restoration Update

Our Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Racecar has been over to Demand Engineering for a full stainless steel exhaust. We elected to go for a side exit exhaust to suit the ethos behind this lightweight race-car build.

Tom has also fitted lightweight perspex glass to the rear windscreen, whilst strengthened glass is fitted to the windscreen.

Jensen 541 R Electrical Update

We’ve made great progress on our beautiful 1960 Jensen 541 R. Bob has installed the wiring harness, front and rear lights and indicators. Paul has fitted the bonnet and bonnet support struts.

This restoration is now really starting to come together. The next stages will be to fit the freshly trimmed dashboard and wire in the dashboard instrumentation.

The wiring harness is labeled by Bob before permanent install.

The bonnet in position before being mounted to the bonnet support struts.

Wiring has now been installed and the lights are tested at this stage.

Suzuki GSX 400 T Engine Blasted

Our Suzuki Engine has recently been blasted in preparation for paint. The heart of this Suzuki will live on when it’s reborn as a cafe racer. The engine will now go over to our paint shop to be painted in heat resistant paint.

1977 Triumph Spitfire Arrives for Paintwork

We’re delighted to have this wonderful 1977 Triumph Spitfire 1500 into the Bridge Classic Cars Paint shop.

The owner has brought in his spitfire 1500 for our Paintwork specialists to work on. The Spirfire will be painted black. Interestingly, black was never a colour option Triumph offered from the factory so this really will be a unique classic.

Here at Bridge Classic Cars we have a bit of a soft spot for Spitfires. they’re such wonderful classics. We can’t wait for work to begin and to see this Spitfire transform into a beautiful machine.

The 1500 from this vehicles name denotes the cc of the engine given to it. The 1500 was the final iteration of the Spitfire and is favoured amongst enthusiasts as it was the most powerful engine on offer.

More parts arrive for our Suzuki Cafe Racer project

Every day more parts come through the door for our Suzuki GSX 400 Cafe Racer project.

The engine is currently being sandblasted in preparation for painting. The next steps will be painting the fuel tank and engine before fitting all of our new and refurbished parts back onto the Suzukis frame.

Restoration Recap – 1971 Series 3 Jaguar E-Type V12

Wow, what a beauty! Our completed Jaguar E-Type restoration project was visited by it’s owner at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop. Upon seeing this lovely Jaguar, he couldn’t resist but to take her out for a drive.

Seeing clients of ours happy makes the hundreds of hours spent on our restorations well worth while. We took a look back at how this restoration began and what a transformation this Jaguar has undertaken.

This Jaguar E-Type is now ready to be enjoyed for many a happy mile to come.

Damage repair in the Paint Shop – 2015 Vauxhall Mokka

Darren has worked wonders on a repair to our Vauxhall Mokka. We also carry out body and paint repairs on modern cars. Our state-of-the-art paint booth is capable of matching any colour perfectly.

Darren has done a wonderful job on this Vauxhall. As you can see below, there was quite significant damage to the drivers side of the car, spanning across multiple body panels.

And now the paintwork is back to perfect condition, great work, Darren!

Morris Minor 1000 Service

Here at Bridge Classic Cars we also offer classic car servicing. This lovely ’65 Morris Minor 1000 was brought into us to investigate a couple of imperfections as well as carrying out a full service.

Pete is currently working on the follwoing:

  • Checking the integrity of the chassis rails
  • Perfecting door alignment
  • Checking all seals (boot leaking)
  • Investigating glove box issue
  • Repairing back window
  • Repairing indicator switch
  • Investigate fuel gauge
  • Investigate rust issues

We will also look at the body chrome around the rear lights to see if this needs restoring.

Does your classic car need servicing? Our highly skilled classic car technicians are prepared to take on any job, big or small to ensure your pride and joy is running at its best.