This Just In – 2008 Bentley Continental GT Speed

Just arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars Suffolk HQ is this absolutely stunning 2008 Bentley Continental GT Speed.

The luxury GT car has come in for our various teams to look over, inspect, assess and report back any findings they have for the car. Once they have compiled their report, we will bring you an update very soon on the legendary Continental GT Speed.

The Continental GT Speed was the fastest and most powerful option that could be specified by Bentley for its original owner. The 6-litre twin-turbo W12 makes a shade over 600BHP with an earth shuddering amount of torque, which was able to push this Flying B all the way past the 200MPH mark.

Another piece of the puzzle

Brian has been re-covering another piece from the 1963 Bentley S3 Continental. This time, the glovebox.

He started the process by removing the original covers from the metal box that makes the glovebox. He then used these original pieces as patterns on the new fabric, headlining fabric for most with one piece of leather. The headlining fabric pieces were glued onto the inside of the glovebox first, with the back piece having board underneath the material to give it structure and stability. Once this was all glued into place, Brian put the leather piece onto board as well, before glueing it onto the metal. All the material was wrapped around the edges to give a neat finish. Another piece of the Bentley interior finished!

Bentley’s black trim continues

Brian has been re-covering more panels for the 1963 Bentley S3 Continental. This time it’s been dash panels, the instrument cover, door cappings and various other panels. The process for all of them involved taking the original black leather off, followed by any foam that was on the panels, and then sanding off the old glue left behind on the wood and metal forms. Brian used the original leather pieces as patterns to mark out around on the new black leather. He replaced the original foam with new 3mm foam. The foam was glued on first and then the leather wrapped over it. Some of the panels, as you can see, just have leather covering them.

Another re-covering for the Bentley.

Brian has been re-covering these rear quarter backboards for the 1963 Bentley S3 Continental. They came to us as bare wood, without the original leather on. Brian put some poly-flex filler on parts where it wasn’t flat and sanded this down. He then cut some 3mm foam out for the top part and glued this onto the wood. New leather was marked out and cut out to cover this foam and was glued below the foam and underneath at the sides.

Bentley dash panels get a new lease of life!

Brian has been re-covering more panels for the 1963 Bentley S3 Chinese Continental.

This time, he’s done the panels that go underneath the dash, the dash rail panel, corner panel, the metal plate that goes with it, padded dash panels, and front-seat support wood.

He stripped the original leather off all of them, and any old foam that was underneath. Then sanded off the old glue. Most of the metal panels had 3mm foam glued onto them first, before adding the new leather on top and glueing underneath. The rest of the panels just had the new leather glued directly onto them.

Bentley Continental Seats Re-covered

Lydia has been working on recovering a pair of Bentley Continental seats. She has done the whole process from start to finish by hand. She’s replaced the foam, cut new leather from templates she’s made from the old cover, fitted, stitched and glued the new seats together with a keen attention to detail.

Bentley Continental’s New Seats

Lydia has been working on re-doing the seats on a Bentley Continental. She’s totally recovered them with new leather which she fitted after testing her template patterns. After many weeks of sewing, gluing, measuring, testing, fluting, adding calico and piping, the seats are now finished.