behind the scenes photoshoots

Behind The Scenes: Mercedes CL 600

The team headed over to Bentwaters recently to shot our Mercedes CL600, our recent competition car. Although an overcast day, the lighting was perfect to capture the sheer light interior trim which contrasts with the mahogany beautifully. The paint, which is a subtle pale blue silver, sparkled under the light.

Behind The Scenes: Double Jensens

The marketing team went up with Workshop manager, John last week to photograph the two Jensen’s that have just left us. Whilst Ellie shot the main visuals, Freddie worked on a behind the scenes video.

The final photos, shown below, have been sent on to the client and will feature online.

Behind The Scenes: Ford Anglia

We went up to shoot our Ford Anglia whilst the sun was out. The team met Charlotte up at the Bentwaters to shoot the photos and videos which you can see below:

Behind The Scenes On Another Big Shoot

Yesterday we teamed up with photographer, Lydia Harper to shoot some visuals for Deus Ex Machina. The team, which included Matt Wild (videographer), Alice Harper (Assistant), Hannah Coe (model) and Lydia, came down to Bentwaters to take our 1953 Francis Barnet trials bike and 1963 MGB Roadster out for a spin. Partnering up with clothing brand Deus Ex Machina, Lydia was putting together some stellar content for both the brand, her own creative agency Parc femme and for us here at Bridge. We’re very excited to see what Lydia and Matt shot from the day – watch this space!

It’s fantastic to get the opportunity to collaborate with other talented artists in the industry. Bring on more collaborations!

Behind The Scenes – 1980 Mini 1275 GT

Last week we ventured out with our friend and model, Hannah, to shoot our 1980 Mini 1275 GT, which you now know is one of three of our grand mini reveal. This characterful orange classic is not only fun to look at, but also fun to drive. For Hannah, it is her dream car, making her the ideal candidate to model and drive this competition car.

As usual, the team splits into two divisions with Freddie tackling the video aspects and Ellie taking on the photography. By splitting responsibilities and time like this, the team can swiftly get through multiple car shoots in a day, creating content for all our social media outlets.

As we usually do, we shot in RAF Bentwaters where we have a hanger. Driving up and down the 1.3 mile run way, we captured our videos and photos of this spritely orange classic.

We were lucky to have fair weather on this shoot after the unlucky spell of bad weather recently which makes shooting cars in difficult.

We always aim to shoot multiple galleries of each car, including the main product photos you see, the portraits and motion ones, but where we can, we also like to pick a second destination to shoot in to create a wider diversity of photos.

Behind The Scenes: Stag photoshoot

Last week, the team drove over to our hanger at Bentwaters to shoot our Triumph Stag, which you may recognise as one of our latest competition cars. Alongside the standard shoot, we also had our friend and model, Hannah, accompany us to take some portraits with the car. We’ve found that in recent months, adding in portrait shots with our photo collections is a great way to mix up our content and show the car in action.

We were lucky with the weather as the sun graced us with its late winter warmth. With a large film crew set up at Bentwaters, we’ve found ourselves exploring new locations on the base.

You may have seen a lot of these photos over on our competition site or on our social pages such as Facebook, but for those that havent, or what to see the whole collection, you can browse the Stag in full detail here.