Jensen 541S Returns Home

We’ve had to say goodbye to our lovely Jensen 541S as it returns to it’s owner. Our skilled technicians are incredibly familiar with Jensen vehicles

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Getting Ready For Summer

Now that warmer (and hopefully drier) weather is coming, it is the time of year when the thought of getting your classic car back out on the road starts popping up.

We have been storing the award-winning 1960 Jensen 541S over winter, but the time has come for it to come out of The Hangar, and be prepared for its owner to collect it and enjoy it over the summer months.

Before it’s ready to leave us though, we are waiting on a new fuel gauge to arrive which will replace the current faulty one. Once this arrives and is installed, the car will be summer-ready and will soon leave us to be admired in the sun!

Welcome Back To A Special Jensen

Everyone here at Bridge Classic Cars has spent a lot of time around Jensens. Considering how rare 541’s are, we have had several in the workshop over the last few years.

One very special Jensen is our 1960 Jensen 541S which has recently returned to us.

After having an award-winning summer, the owner of this stunning car has bought it to us for storage over winter. However, before it goes into hibernation, our team of classic car technicians will be looking to re-align one of the door windows as well as doing some work on the lights too.

We love this very special car and, after a summer of awards being won, it’s earned a rest with us.

Ready for Take-Off – Pre-Delivery Inspection on the 1960 Jensen 541S ‘Peony Red’

It’s nearly time for Peony Red, the 1960 Jensen 541S to go off to her new home away from us here at Bridge Classic Cars. Every square inch of Peony Red has been worked on in-house at Bridge Classic Cars by our expert in-house restoration teams.

We will be sad to see her go but before she leaves, our workshop manager and senior technician John has been giving her a pre-delivery inspection ahead of our travels. John has been going through each individual system on the car to ensure everything is all present and correct before the end of the week.

Alongside John is Tamas, one of our junior technicians to work on getting Peony Red ready.

Safe travels.

1962 Jensen 541S Arrives at Bridge Classic Cars for Sale

Coming for sale soon is this beautifully presented Jensen 541S, we will inspect the car and check everything is in top condition before it goes online for sale. Here at Bridge Classic Cars we are very familiar with this beautiful gold Jensen 541S. We’ve carried out work on this vehicle at the start of the year. The current owner has entrusted us with the sale of this wonderful classic.

Jensen 541S Returns Home

We’ve had to say goodbye to our lovely Jensen 541S as it returns to it’s owner. Our skilled technicians are incredibly familiar with Jensen vehicles and we have become one of the most trusted Jensen specialists in the UK.

This 541S was brought in to us to repair the front bonnet, relocate the front bonnet latches and to replace the front bonnet grilles. Finally the vehicle was MOT’d before trusting our good friends at Russell’s Transport to transport the vehicle home. Please note, the vehicle was transported before the latest government advice to avoid all non-essential travel. We have since closed our workshops for the safety and health of both our staff and customers.

1962 Jensen 541S in the Workshop

We’ve fitted a new grille, manufactured by Bride Classic Cars on tooling disigned in house. Made from stainless steel rather than the soft alloy that Jensen made from new.

The spotlights that are notorious for coming loose have been re-secured.

Air vent grille screws were loose due to worn fibreglass body sections. Area has been fibreglass re-matted and re-drilled to the correct size to ensure a tight fit.

Bonnet catch release suffers from fibreglass cracking due to the incorrect opening of the bonnet.

This are has been remitted, strengthened and hardware refitted to ensure longevity of the repair.

The front section has been totally resprayed as incorrect front bumper alignment lead to the bonnet rubbing against the bumper skirt causing damage to paint.

Both horns were faulty and we have fitted original, refurbished horns from our stores.

Front bumper skirt has been moved forward. Non-standard rubber protection has been removed to ensure that the front skirt sits away from the bonnet valance to elevate rubbing causing paint damage.

We’ve also removed the clock, refitted new batteries and replaced.

Re-alignment of bonnet and inner wings to stop bonnet rubbing on inner wings and damaging the black paint.