Coming Out Of Storage

Picture of By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Our award-winning 1960 Jensen 541S has been taken out of storage and come into the workshop for a check-up, in preparation for it to go home to its owner for show season.

Here is what Steve has been doing:

Spot light wasn’t working traced fault to dirty contacts in switch. Pulled switch apart and cleaned contacts and reassembled, now works fine.

Condensation in headlamps, found that the rear seals were not sealing correctly and allowing in moisture. Cleaned out units and fitted some better fitting seals.

Removed indicator switch and black plastic end and fitted new ivory coloured one to match original.

Noticed a rattle in the boot while on test drive and traced it to the fuel pump access cover in the boot floor. Removed cover put felt patches on the contact points to cure.

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