2007 Land Rover Defender 110

Competition Prep

Before our 2007 Land Rover Defender 110 goes live on Bridge Classic Cars Competitions tomorrow, technician Neil has been giving it a checkover.

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Battery And More Checks

Our 2007 Land Rover Defender was suffering from a battery drain which John traced back to the wiring to a relay. The wiring was modified to bypass the relay which wasn’t needed. A permanent ignition feed was also fitted for the rear-view camera.

The car was then checked over before it is won on Tuesday.

During the checks, our other Jonn made the following notes:

Carry out inspection. Start repairs. Reverse lights still not working after new switch fitted. Remove multi plug and short out. Ignition on and reverse lights working. Remove switch from gearbox and grind away nut slightly so switch goes further into gearbox. Test switch plugged in but not fitted to gear ox. Operate and light works. Fit to gearbox and tighten. Test reverse lights, now working. Adjust hand brake via transmission brake shoe adjuster. Strip and remove brake pipes from across rear axle to replace.

Manufacture new brake pipes for rear. From rear flexis to calipers. Secure and cable tie Abs wiring to pipes. Remove bleed nipples and clean and blow out, refit. Inflate tyres and torque wheel nuts. Adjust washer jetvaim and test. Resecure trim around nearside rear door lock button.

Fit new rear wiper blade. Raise on ramp mp and strip rear flexi brake pipes. Corroded badly and unable to remove brake pipes from flexis. Cut front to rear brake pipes and chisel off bracket supporting rear flexis. Get Christian to make a new support bracket. Mount new flexis at axle end and secure to mount. Reconnect brake pipes across rear axle. Upon inspection found joiners for front to rear brake pipes on top of nearside chassis rail.

Manufacture new brake pipes to rear flexis. Fit each in turn shaping pipe as its fitted. Drill and paint new mount and fit and connect pipes at each end. Use small pieces of hose to protect pipes from chaffng and secure with cable ties.clear up area.

Top up brake fluid and free of all bleed nipples. With John’s help bleed brake system complete. Carry out pressure check. Tack weld weights back onto rear rpropshaft. Take outside and warm up. Carry out road test. Recheck all joints and connections on return and found small weep at nearside chassis joiner. Drain circuit and re flare original steel pipe on car. Reconnect and tighten. Re bleed circuit and pressure check. Ok this time. Carry out road test to fuel station and put £30 diesel in. Finish pdi, ok.

Reverse Light Switch

Jonn has fitted a new reverse light switch to our 2007 Land Rover Defender 110. He traced the position to the gearbox and removed the multi-plug which had shorted out. A new switch was fitted and everything worked as it should.