1972 Lotus Elan

The Winners Circle – Winner of the 1972 Lotus Elan +2 Takes Delivery

The winner of the Bridge Classic Cars 1972 Lotus Elan +2 took delivery of his classic sports car yesterday just in time for summer.

Steven, who won the classic Lotus Elan, entered to win the car and his number was drawn! Part of the prize is also having the car delivered right to your driveway. And what a driveway this now is with the beautiful Elan sat there.

We wish Steven many happy miles with the car and all the best.

Behind the Scenes – Live Draw of the 1972 Lotus Elan and Lotus Emira Driving Experience

The Bridge Classic Cars team got together on a Friday night to find our latest winners for our double Lotus draw.

The 1972 Lotus Elan +2 had been a firm favourite with the team here.

The 10th of June, the scheduled draw date, began with a quick walkaround of all of the beautiful machinery in the new competitions building. Walking past previous winners waiting for their delivery to new homes and some upcoming dream classics that we caretaker until their new owners are decided.

With our audience watching along live of our Facebook page, it was time to get down to business. Everyone waited with bated breath to find out if the wheel of fortune would fall on them.

First to be drawn was the Lotus Emira Driving Experience donated by Lotus Cars in aid of various charities. This included a tour of the new production facility, Classic Team Lotus and driving tuition by F1 hero Martin Donnelly. Checking our pre-published Entry Lists, we saw the competition wasn’t sold out entirely but using the random number generator, it was time to find out who was getting this very special first drive experience.

The first try, was an empty number. So was the second try, and the third, fourth but on the 5th random number generator we found that number 426 had been allocated to Martyn Bulbrook.

Finally, it was time to decide the winner of the 1972 Lotus Elan +2. The team reset the number generator and comments of luck and hope flooded the live stream. As Hayley pushed the button and the numbers whirred past in a frenzy, the screen lit up with the number. 1944.

Ticket number 1944 had been bought by Steven Rowat. The new owner of the beautiful 1972 Lotus Elan +2.

Behind the Scenes – Shooting our 1972 Lotus Elan +2

The saying attached to Lotus and it’s core DNA, Simplify, and then add lightness. That is what the Lotus Elan personifies.

The low slung, lightweight sports car looked incredible in the summer sun. Its bright red paintwork contrasted against the rich green of the pine trees that lined the south loop of our filming location. This is our 1972 Lotus Elan +2 and it’s the latest competition car from Bridge Classic Cars.

The legendary Lotus Twin Cam 4-cylinder provided the soundtrack for our days’ filming. The raspy billow found its way to every surface and bounced back for the world to enjoy. The nimble sports car is known for its characteristic handling and this example is no different. The small racing steering wheel feels directly connected to the front wheels which helps to perfectly place the slant nosed 70s sports car exactly where it is intended.

You can’t help but smile wildly while experiencing the Elan. It gives so much feedback to its driver that you truly become one with the machine, the intended purpose of all Lotus cars. The driver is at the centre of the world.

And now, Bridge Classic Cars wants you to experience this incredible machine and the theatre that surrounds it. It’s the latest competition car and it could be yours very soon.

Head over to the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website and enter now for your chance to live and breathe this dream classic.

Or, check out the video of our 1972 Lotus Elan +2 below.

Secured – New Engine Mounts for the 1972 Lotus Elan

The 1972 Lotus Elan +2 which arrived from South Africa recently at the bridge Classic Cars workshop has had its full inspection completed and now, the work can begin on the classic sports car.

The technicians noted that the engine mounts had begun to deteriorate and were moving around too much for our liking. So, the team sourced a new set of replacements to be fitted to the car. Putting the car up on the lift and carefully undoing the old mounts, Jon was able to support the engine from underneath and move the car slightly up and down to free the old mounts.

With these out, he could install the new pieces between the engine and subframe and tighten them down correctly. But before then, Jon had to make some modifications to the mounts as it now made the engine sit around 5mm higher in the engine bay. So, Jon removed the mounts and elongated the holes towards the top of the opening in order to give some adjustability and drop the engine down away from the bonnet.

Along with this, he also adjusted the bonnet catches to line up perfectly and take some of the stress away from the piece and fitted a new bitumen sheet to the underside.

This Just In – 1972 Lotus Elan 2+2

Another recent arrival from South Africa is this stunning 1972 Lotus Elan 2+2. This is now in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop at our Pettistree headquarters.

The car, as with all cars that arrive, will be inspected and assessed by the restoration teams who will compile their reports and come up with a plan if needed.

Expect to see more on the beautiful Elan 2+2 very soon here on the Bridge Classic Cars news page.