Switches And Rewiring

By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Our 1971 Jensen FF MKII has been in the hands of classic car technician John lately. He has spent quite a bit of time working on this beautiful classic car replacing all of the interior switches with new ones.

As well as his work on the interior switches, John also replaced both headlights. The sidelights were rewired to the new bulb holders John installed too. These were tested after they were fitted and everything worked exactly as it should.

John polished the chrome bezels to make sure they looked as good as possible when refitted to our FF MKII.

A new adjuster was made for the offside before the same was done for the nearside too. These were also tested and worked perfectly.

After his work on the lights was complete, John then went on to rewire a new air-con fan and refit the grill of the car with a new bolt being used on one side.

The time then came for the switch panel to be reinstalled in our Jensen FF. While doing this, John replaced the voltage gauge from the glovebox area, replaced a fuse, and fitted a new stop screw to prevent the glovebox from opening too far, before securing the switch panel and trim.

All the switches were tested and John was satisfied they were all working as they should.

The electric window switches were next to be replaced. John needed to modify the switches and bond them in place before reconnecting and testing. John then modified the panel so that the gear lever locks in the park position freely.

Finally, John fitted the correct volt meter to the car and tested to make sure it was working correctly. The cigarette lighter was cleaned, tested, and seen to be working as expected too.

Our 1971 Jensen FF MKII is now even closer to being ready to leave us and be returned to its owner. With these jobs completed, this eye-catching classic car continues to make good progress on its restoration journey.

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