Suspension, Glovebox, And More

Picture of By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Both Paul and Lydia have been working on our 1956 Jensen 541.

Once Paul had changed over the rear suspension leaf springs to the correct ones, he carried on fitting the door trim.

Lydia then made a glove box for our classic Jensen. It’s small in size as it has to fit into the dash around an air duct and wiper motor linkage. Lydia fitted the box she had previously made, then covered the front panel with red leather.

Unfortunately, due to the unique nature of the Jensen, the passenger seat didn’t fit next to the tunnel. Because it was made so long ago before the tunnel was ever fitted, we could not envisage this problem occurring. Lydia has test-fitted the seat into the vehicle and made alterations so that it will no longer fall on the gearbox tunnel, even when it is in its most forward position.

The door surrounds were then finished and the dash and extra wiring were also fitted for the fan motor and screen washer pump.

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