Sunset Classic Car & Bike Meet

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Thursday 5th September, 2024

Time & Location

Thursday 5th September, 2024
, 19:00

Bridge Classic Cars, Pettistree, Suffolk, IP13 0HH

About this event

Highlights of our previous Sunset Classic Car & Bike Meet can be seen here.

As the summer draws to a close Bridge Classic Cars is thrilled to invite you to our Sunset Classic Car & Bike Meet on Thursday, 5th September 2024.

The evening promises to be a relaxing and ambient environment where you can share your passion for classic vehicles with other like-minded enthusiasts. Meeting at sunset will create a stunning and picturesque backdrop that highlights the beauty of your classics.

Starting at 7 pm and taking place at The Atelier at Bridge Classic Cars, you will be able to enjoy food, drink, and music to help bring your day to a chilled conclusion.

Whether you are a classic car owner, or simply an admirer of automotive artistry, our Sunset Classic Car & Bike Meet will have something for everyone. With plenty of opportunities to capture memorable moments against the backdrop of the setting sun, swap tips and advice with fellow enthusiasts, or simply admire the craftsmanship that has gone into each and every classic vehicle.

The Atelier bar will be open for drinks, and food will be available to make sure you have everything you need for an evening of automotive appreciation.

We would love it if you can join us in celebrating the timeless beauty of classic vehicles as the sun goes down over the Bridge Classic Cars workshop.

Attendance is completely FREE but please RSVP below to let us know you will be joining us.

Sunset Classic Car & Bike Meet

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