Suffolk Show 2024

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By Lily Griffiths

Events, marketing and business relations executive

It was another fantastic year at the Suffolk Show with so many things to see and do. The weather was, as always is with the season, ever changing with blissful sunshine, gusty winds and torrential downpours. The freak weather is almost like a tradition and always to be expected.

This was the first year we had our very own stand and we were very pleased with how everything came together. We had lots of seating to create a cosy area to relax in and Suffolk Plant Centre were kind enough to lend us some plants to make the space look more inviting. Our efforts paid off because we were lucky enough to win the award for the Best Motor Stand.

We took four very different vehicles with us that meant there was something for everyone. Our Bridge branded Defender was the first thing you saw and was very popular among those most interested in all things agriculture. We also had our TR7 which was won last week, this car sparked many memories for a lot of guests. Our 2011 Morgan 4/4 was also showcased, people were very impressed with the condition of the car and low mileage. Nobody could decide whether, if they were the lucky winner, they would leave the car in storage for a year or drive it. Finally we had our 1954 Daimler Conquest, this really drew in the crowds as many said they had never seen one like it before.

The rest of the show was brilliant with so much to see. There were various horse displays as well as other livestock being paraded for the opportunity to win rosettes. There were also lots of food stalls really showing the farm to fork journey. It was a great chance to see the ITFC iconic trophy up close and in person.

Planning for next year’s event has already begun and we can’t wait to return.

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