Stripping Our Beetle

Picture of By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Delilah, our 1974 Volkswagen Beetle has begun its restoration journey with us here at Bridge Classic Cars.

Classic car technician Brian removed the cover panels for the hood mechanism before undoing the headliner to reveal the hood frame bolts.

The rear side carpets were removed and the bottom edge of the headliner was removed too. The rear carpets were next to go before Brian untied the wires holding the back of the hood to the car. The hood frame bolts were loosened to allow the hood frame to be removed.

The vinyl from the bottom edge of the rear seat was taken out, as were the cross-member carpets. Brian then removed the panels from below the rear seat and took the sill carpets out too. Brina finally went on to remove the front carpet and the kick carpets as well.

Our 1974 Volkswagen Beetle hasn’t been in the workshop very long but work has already begun to bring this classic and extremely popular car back to its former glory.

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