Second-Hand Car Parts

By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Restoring classic vehicles, like our 1951 Austin Devon Pickup, can be extremely challenging when a hard-to-find piece, like the Austin badge, seems to be impossible to find. Second-hand car parts can be a great solution, and with a range of online marketplaces like eBay, that missing piece might just be found!

Gordon was looking for a replacement Austin badge for our classic Devon. The original was broken and in poor condition. However, finding a replacement proved much more difficult than expected. After eventually finding one on eBay, we were shocked at how good the new one looked. If it wasn’t for someone keeping this badge (potentially for decades), we wouldn’t have been able to replace the old one.

This is a fantastic example of how passionate people can be about their cars. Not only that, but the story behind each classic car adds to its character, making it much more likely for parts to be kept and sold as second-hand car parts.

What makes these discoveries even more exciting is their affordability. Rare parts often cost a fortune when new or might not even be available at all. In the second-hand market, these otherwise unobtainable parts are much more accessible without compromising quality or authenticity.

While it can take longer to find the part you need, websites like eBay and MyClassics can be where you find exactly what you are looking for to get your classic car back on the road.

Other Progress

As well as the new badge, our Austin Devon Pickup has also had new interior door panels made by the Bridge Classic Cars interior trim team. After removing the old covers and metal trims from the door panels, Brian used the old panels to mark out the new ones on hardboard. He then cut out the new panels, cutting all the necessary holes out too.

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