Saying Goodbye To Bentwaters

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By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

After many memorable years at our hangar at Bentwaters Parks, Bridge Classic Cars is excited to announce our departure from this iconic location as we expand our secure vehicle storage offerings. This transition marks the beginning of a new chapter for us, but before we move forward, we want to reflect on the incredible journey we’ve had at Bentwaters – a place that has been instrumental in our growth and success.

A Place for Classic Car Enthusiasts

Our hangar at Bentwaters was more than just a storage facility; it was a hub for classic car enthusiasts from all over the area. The huge space allowed us to house an impressive collection of classic cars. Not only that, but we were able to host some incredible events there too.

The highlight was our classic car show in July 2023. This event saw around 1000 people attend to admire the 800 or so cars on display. This has been our biggest event to date and the entire team enjoyed it as much as the visitors and it has formed a fond memory of our time at Bentwaters.

Live Draws and Competitions

Another highlight of our time at Bentwaters was the live draws for Bridge Classic Cars Competitions. When the competitions aspect of the business first launched, we didn’t know what to expect and we certainly didn’t expect the huge growth that has happened since.

The live draws are a massive part of the competitions and the ones held at Bentwaters will always be special ones to look back on.

Photoshoots & Filming

Bentwaters also served as the backdrop for most of our classic car photoshoots and filming sessions. The vast, open space provided a perfect setting to capture the beauty of the wide range of cars we shot. Bentwaters became an instantly recognisable part of our photos and videos and it was a lot of fun driving classic cars around an old military air base!

The Decision to Move

While Bentwaters has been a fantastic part of Bridge Classic Cars, the decision to move was driven by our continued growth. Our new location offers even greater security, more space, and improved facilities for vehicle storage. This move is part of our ongoing effort to continually improve our storage solutions for all of our current and future clients.

Moving On

Leaving Bentwaters is bittersweet. We look back with fondness on all the incredible moments we’ve shared there. From the excitement of live draws to the stunning photoshoots, every one of these things has contributed their part of the Bridge Classic Cars story.

Thank You

All that is left to say is “Goodbye Bentwaters” and thank you to the owners, staff, and everyone who helped make it such a successful location for us.

Everyone here at Bridge Classic Cars is extremely grateful and hopes the new custodians of our Hangar make the most of it as we did.

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