January 12, 2022

Latest Draw – 1976 Mercedes Benz 350SL

Bridge Classic Cars Competitions have revealed the latest prize! This absolutely stunning 1976 Mercedes Benz 350SL is finished in Aztec Gold with a tan and brown interior. Also, it comes with a very useful and matching removable hardtop.

This particular 1976 Mercedes 350SL has also only covered 75,000 miles in its lifetime! It has been fully inspected by our in-house restoration teams and had some work done with a local Mercedes Benz marque specialist to ensure it runs as good as it looks.

You can pick up your tickets right now for just £5 at the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website by clicking the link below.

Click to enter the draw for the 1976 Mercedes R107 350SL

Stop & Go – New Handbrake Cable of the 1975 MGB GT V8

Mauro, one of the restoration technicians here at Bridge Classic Cars, has been working through the list of jobs we have been asked to complete for the owner of the 1975 MGB GT V8.

The next item on the list to get sorted is the handbrake cable. After many years, the cables do stretch so we’ve been asked to replace the old one. Mauro made sure it was safely installed into the car and it didn’t bind or was twisted in anyway to make sure that when it is need, it is always there.

Fresh and Clean – Painting the Hubs for the 1955 Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk1

The Bridge Classic Cars in-house paint team have just finished working on the hubs for the 1955 Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk1.

Chris, our head painter, has delivered the freshly refinished hubs for the Aston Martin to Scott, our restoration technician, in our workshop for when final assembly calls for the hubs to be fitted up to the car.

Finished in a stunning satin black, the hubs look better than new!

Extra Touches – Creating New Bags for the 1974 Jaguar E Type Series III Roadster

Lydia, one of our incredible trimmers here at Bridge Classic Cars, has been busy handmaking the extra pieces for Fern Grey. Fern Grey is of course the 1973 Jaguar E Type Series III Roadster that our in-house restoration teams have been working on rebuilding from the ground up for a client of ours.

Lydia began by remaking the original tool wrap that was supplied originally with the car. It had seen better days and was not befitting of such a creation as the mighty Fern Grey. So, using the original as a template, Lydia remade the piece by hand to fit the same fit and finish as the car it will belong to.

Then, with the E Types new tonneau cover completed, Lydia began to hand make the bag which the cover folds into to be stowed away. Much like the tool wrap, Lydia has made it to the same extraordinary standards as the rest of the car.

This Just In – 1995 Dodge Viper RT/10

Bridge Classic Cars have the honour of welcoming a 1990’s hero into our workshop in Pettistree, Suffolk. The legend that is the 1995 Dodge Viper RT/10.

This classic American supercar will go into our workshop for our restoration teams to assess and report on the car.

Keep your eye out on the Bridge Classic Cars news page for more on this incredible car.

Trimmed – Working on the Trim Pieces for the 1956 Jensen 541

Our head trimmer here at Bridge Classic Cars, Brian, has been working on finishing up the interior trims for the 1956 Jensen 541 which is in with us for a full ground-up restoration.

Brian has methodically worked through the trims around the doors of the little known sportscar to ensure that each piece is repaired (if needs be) and then prepared and recovered in the beautiful red leather chosen by the lucky owner.

Each piece of hardware has also been refinished by Brian and the trim team to give even the smallest screw or bolt the same level of finish as the pieces they secure.

Another key piece that Brian has been working on is the beautiful rear seat centre console. Brian made up a new metal piece that creates the skeleton and the recovered in soft, durable foam and capped in that deep red leather.

There will be more updates on the 1956 Jensen 541 restoration by Bridge Classic Cars very soon.

Final Fitment – Fitting the Exhaust to the 1973 Jaguar E Type Series III Roadster

The Bridge Classic Cars in-house restoration technicians have finished up the custom-made exhaust on the 1973 Jaguar E Type Series III Roadster that we refer to as Fern Grey.

Paul has been working on getting the new exhaust safe and secure underneath the iconic sports car. From the exhaust collector to the stunning, bright double-tipped outlet which perfectly follows the line of the bottom of Fern Grey.

With the new exhaust fitted underneath the E Type, our in-house restoration technicians can move forward wit the final assembly of this stunning classic Jaguar.

This Just In – 1929 Dodge DA

This beautiful 1929 Dodge Brothers DA is the latest arrival into the Bridge Classic Cars workshop.

This car is due to be inspected and assessed by our in-house restoration teams to bring this stunning pre-war Dodge up to scratch. The teams will go through each aspect of the car and report back on their findings.

Keep a look out on the Bridge Classic Cars newspage for more updates on the 1929 Dodge Brothers DA.

Prep and Paint – 1977 MGB Roadster Begins Paint

The 1977 MGB Roadster that is currently in the Bridge Classic Cars in-house paint shop is moving along quickly!

Whilst Alan is busy preparing the body for its turn in the paint booth, Chris is working on getting the first layers of colour onto the front wings and doors of the sports car. The entire body has been sanded back down to make sure the shape of each of the panels flows perfectly.

The colour on the wings and doors will have its colour slowly built up to get the correct depth of colour.

Fixing The Leak – Leak from the Rear End of the 1975 MGB GT V8

Bridge Classic Cars in-house restoration technician, Mauro, has been investigating a leak from the rear differential of the 1975 MGB GT V8.

Mauro found the seal/gasket on the rear end had deteriorated over time and was allowing the rear end to weep slightly. So, with a new gasket ordered as well as the correct spec and weight of gear oil, Mauro got to work on sorting out the issue and getting this fantastic deep red sports car back to perfect running and driving for its new owner.

New Home – The 1989 Austin Mini Safe at Her New Home

The beautiful 1989 Austin Mini is safe and sound at her new home in Scotland. Also, she seems to have got some company for her life up north.

The new owner of the straight cut gearboxed 1989 Austin Mini also has a very nice 1275GT which will be sharing its stable with the little blue car. The 1275GT was given the name of Little Floorie by its owner, who has decided that the name of the 1989 Austin Mini will be Little Lottie.

We wish Ken and his wife many happy miles with our little Mini and look forward to seeing more of Little Lottie on her adventures in years to come.

Coming Soon – 1998 Mazda MX5

Bridge Classic Cars hopefully will be welcoming this absolutely stunning 1998 Mazda MX5 into our secure classic and collectable car storage facility, The Hangar, very soon.

This 1998 MX5 is finished in stunning dark green with a matching interior and has been adored by its owner who has kept the car in incredible condition while also making sure it has been enjoyed like every sports car should be.

Hopefully you will see more on the MX5 very soon here on the Bridge Classic Cars newspage.

Safe and Secure – Exhaust Mounts on the 1990 Mini 30

Jon, one of our amazing Bridge Classic Cars in-house restoration technicians, has been working on getting the last few bits and pieces done on the 1990 Austin Mini 30 before it heads off to its very lucky new owner.

The last job to complete underneath this fantastic Mini is to install a new exhaust mount onto the car. The old one had become loose and wasn’t in the best state so our workshop ordered up a replacement piece and got it into the car. This particular clamp also acts as a hang and is secure to the gearbox, so it’s crucial in keeping the exhaust spaced far enough away from the gearbox as to not rattle or chafe.

With this done, it will have its pre-delivery inspection and very soon be off to its new home!

This Just In – 1975 Volkswagen Beetle

Bridge Classic Cars have welcomed this 1975 Volkswagen Beetle into our Pettistree workshop recently for our in-house restoration teams to assess and report on the condition of the car for its owner.

After the team has assessed the car and thoroughly inspected it, they will come up with a list of jobs that need to be undertaken on the classic aircooled Volkswagen to get it back into safe and running order.

2022 Bridge Classic Cars – Classic & Sports Car Show

The classic British summertime. Those barmy few weeks of fabulous sunshine, warm weather and the chance to get out and show off your classic.

Returning for another year of celebrating our classics, the Bridge Classic Cars Classic & Sports Car & Bike Show is back and set to be an exciting one!

Sunday 31st July 2022.

A get together of like-minded enthusiasts to meet up; eat, drink, show off and look around the wonderful world of classic cars, sports cars and motorbikes.

Every make, model and year is welcome at our show. From obscure, turn of the century machines to the latest and greatest from the pages of the newest magazines.

2022 is no exception. This year we are welcoming everyone back!

It’s completely FREE to attend. For you and whoever else you can fit in the car!

Join us for our two part event; the show starts off at 9am at The Hangar, located in the beautiful RAF Bentwaters, Rendlesham, IP12 2TZ for a quick catch up.

At 10am we make our way over, in convoy, to the Bridge Classic Cars Workshops, Main Road, Pettistree, Suffolk, IP13 OHH for drinks and lunch! Arriving at 10:30am.

Check out the route map here!

Or check out the site map here!

At our restoration workshops, take the opportunity to speak with our teams about their particular craft and skill, or how we can help you with your classic no matter how big or small. And, make sure to stop in and have a chat with our trusted specialists who will be there on the day to talk through any questions you might have about your pride and joy.

Join us at either site and come and go as you please!

For regular updates and photos from previous events check out the main show page. Also, to keep up to date or to join the community, check out our Facebook event specifically for the show!