Run Up And Finish

By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Our 1970 MGB Roadster is coming to the end of its time here at Bridge Classic Cars.

Jonn has been refitting parts to the engine now the engine is fitted. After filling it with oil, he removed the spark plugs and coil lead. He then cranked the engine over until oil pressure was made.

The spark plugs were refitted and the coil lead. The oil level was checked and topped up and Jonn attempted to start the car.

After charging the battery, the car wouldn’t fire. The spark plugs were checked and found to be ok. Fuel to the carbs was checked and found to be ok too.

Jonn removed the rocker cover to align the timing marks. He removed the distributor cap and checked the timing was ok. After resetting the distributor, the cap was refitted and a small amount of petrol was poured into the carbs which let the engine fire on cranking.

Jonn stripped the carbs and found the jets were set too high, and running a very weak mixture. He set the jet depths to approx 2 1/2 turns down (0.090″). The car then started and ran fine so Jonn refitted the radiator and fan.

After finishing checking over the engine and finding no leaks upon inspection this morning, the bonnet was fitted and adjusted. The car was taken outside and ran up to temperature. A leak from the top radiator hose was found so Jonn tightened the jubilee clip but still noticed a leak. A second jubilee clip was fitted behind first and secured, (it had 2 clips on when it came in) which resolved the leak.

Jonn noted that the fan cuts in ok so a road test was carried out. The road test was successful after Jonn stopped to secure the distributor and adjust the idle speed.

Our MGB Roadster was tested at all speeds up to 65mph in stop/start traffic conditions and all was fine.

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