Riley 9 Tourer Covers

Picture of By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Our 1929 Riley 9 Tourer has continued to be in the skilled hands of classic car technician Brian, as he carries on his work on the roof cover and tonneau.

Brian cut out the flaps for the roof bars on the hood cover before he cut out the new sections for the hood envelope cover. After trial fitting the tonneau cover, Brian marked both the front and back covers to show where the zip would need to be sewn in.

The hood envelope then had the sides cut out ready to be sewn, before Brian went on to mark where the fasteners will go on the tonneau cover. Once the steering wheel cover had been trial fitted and marked for sewing, the hood envelope cover and the hood cover were both trial-fitted too. The hood was then clipped to the frame so the side edges could be trimmed straight.

Brian then turned his attention to the interior of our Riley Hillclimber by fitting the rear squab seat brackets and seat.

Holes were drilled in the body of the car for the stud fasteners, and button fasteners were fitted to the cover using a hand tool and punch. The positions of the fasteners were marked before they were attached and the cover flap was fastened to the car.

Once the zip was sewn in place, the front and rear tonneau covers were zipped together and fastened around the car.

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