By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Jonn has been doing some work on our 1989 Ford Fiesta XR2 in preparation for it to be won through Bridge Classic Cars Competitions very soon.

He stripped the boot before manufacturing a mounting bracket for the rear washer bottle. This was riveted together and then riveted in place in the boot.

Jonn then cut to size and fit the heat exchange pipe between the exhaust manifold and air filter. He then fitted a grommet to hole in the dash under switches. Next was fitting the edging trim to the engine mount to protect the coolant hoses from chaffing.

A cable tie clip was fitted to the offside inner wing to secure coolant hoses before Jonn removed the nearside rear fog light to investigate why it was not working. He found that the wires and holder had completely corroded away. As a result, Jonn stripped the light and tested the bulb before soldering the wires directly to the bulb and refitting.

Next, our XR2 was raised on the ramp so Jonn could finish his inspection and report. He painted the frame for the rear washer bottle in position in the boot. He then checked and inflated the spare tyre and secured it in the boot.

Jonn then went on to strip the rear brakes so he could check and adjust the shoes. The drums were refitted and regreased and both rear wheel bearings were adjusted.

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