Repairs on our 1989 Daimler Double Six

Picture of By Nick Skinner
By Nick Skinner

Marketing Executive/Photographer

The workshop team are continuing their work on recommissioning our 1989 Daimler Double Six to get back on the road.

Jon, one of our amazing restoration technicians has been working on the car to get through the list of jobs needed to bring this car back to its former glory.

One of the first jobs was to adjust the handbrake on the car. In doing this, Jon found that the original handbrake had partially seized. This led to him having to drill out some of the rivets from the cover and heat up the pivot bolt to remove it from the car, after that he could completely clean up the original mechanism and repaint it before reassembling and putting back into the car, whilst adding a return spring to help with the action.

Next, Jon had a few electrical jobs to cover on the car such as investigating why the horn didn’t work. After diving deep, Jon discovered that their were wires broken to the relay, so after some repairs he could continue to test and troubleshoot. This led him to freeing the engine bay loom to trace the harness further and found a connective issue alongside a faulty relay. With all of these either repaired or replaced, Jon could then work on some of the other electrical jobs on the car such as fixing the window switches.

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