Repairing Old Repairs

By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Since the chassis of our 1960 Jensen 541R has returned from sandblasting, classic car technician Rob has found some old repairs that need to be cut out and corrected. These repairs have clearly been done at some point in the car’s life before it found its way into the Bridge Classic Cars workshop.

Now that it is with us, and in Rob’s capable hands, the old repairs will soon be rectified and the chassis will be in much better condition.

Rob started with the right-hand rear wheel arch. He has been cutting out the bad repairs from previous work so he can then return the car back to its original condition.

A new wheel arch was made and welded in before more bad repairs were cut out and removed.

Work continues to bring our 1960 Jensen 541R back to life. The poor past repairs have provided an additional challenge to Rob and the rest of the workshop team but, once resolved, progress will continue to be made on this beautiful classic car.

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