Rebuild Progress

By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Classic car technician Scott has continued rebuilding our 1986 Daimler DS420.

While rebuilding our American limo, Scott also completed some of the trim and other interior work. Alongside his rebuilding efforts, Scott stripped the brake master ready for it to be rebuilt too.

Scott wasn’t the only technician working on our DS420 lately, as classic car technician Steve also had his focus on this imposing vehicle.

Steve fitted new thread inserts to the window frame after the corroded panel had been replaced. He also fitted new internal parts of the fuel flap locking mechanism as the old ones were missing. The rear bumper fixings were cleaned and sprayed before Steve went on to replace the old rear subframe mounts that had fallen apart.

The off-side front brake pipe needed to be replaced as it was corroded and broke when the front subframe was removed during welding so Steve did this.

The front inner wings had rust protection applied before the front end was reassembled as well.

Putting our 1986 Daimler DS420 back together is a big job and one that only skilled technicians are able to do. Luckily our workshop team have been restoring classic cars for a long time so it won’t be too long before this one is back in one piece again.

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