Putting A Classic Saab Back Together

By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Classic car technician Brian has been working on the interior of our 1980 Saab 99 Turbo. He first fitted the headliner board before moving on to the A posts. The sun visors and rear view mirror were next to be fitted followed by the B posts.

Brian went on to fit the rear quarter panels and seat belts before he made covers for the seat belt holes in the C posts. These were then fitted into the C post panels. Once the C posts were fitted, the brackets for the side window opening catches were fitted too.

The rear parcel shelf was fitted and the front door window handles were painted.

Classic car technician John has also been working on our classic Saab. He has been refitting multiple components and cleaning them as he did so. As no new parts are available, things are getting refurbed as they are refitted.

Before all of the lights were refitted, John painted the frames and touched up all the visible screws in matt black. He also repaired the grille before painting it silver and black.

New wheel arch trims were sourced, however, they are delivered straight so needed to be heated and bent into shape when fitting which is not an easy thing to do! John went on to clean and check the brakes before fitting the mudflaps. As he was doing this, he noticed that the holes for the mudflap fittings had been filled during welding so new ones had to be drilled.

The nearside front brakes were binding which John found was due to the caliper being seized. The pads had also been very hot and had gone brittle. This means that new caliper and pads are needed.

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