Progress Continues

Picture of By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Classic car technician James has continued to make great progress in getting our 1974 Volkswagen Beetle ready to leave the Bridge Classic Cars workshop and head home to its owner.

The door pin switches were replaced to ensure the interior lamp works when the doors are opened and a new bumper trim was fitted to the front, along with the external door mirrors (both sides). A new quarter light catch was fitted to the driver’s side front window, then both front wheel bearings were replaced.

Both front wheels and brake callipers were removed and the discs and bearings were taken off. It looked like the bearings had been replaced before, but the outer races were not in good condition. They were knocked out and new inner and outer bearings fitted, they were greased and refitted along with the brakes and wheels.

James also fitted new front seat belts and stalks. There are only a few minor jobs left to address before Delilah goes home.

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