Primed and Ready – Getting the 1960 MGA Roadster ready for colour

Picture of By Nick Skinner
By Nick Skinner

Marketing Executive/Photographer

Mauro has been continuing to work on getting the 1960 MGA Roadster ready for its colour by keeping up his diligent and obsessive pursuit of perfection when it comes to the bodywork of the classic sports car.

With the car wearing a coat of polyfan, Mauro has painstakingly hand sanded every single inch of the car to make sure that each angle of the car is as good as it could possibly be. With the polyfan completely sanded off the car, it is a visual indication that each panel is exactly as it should be which means its time for the car to head into the paint booth for final primer.

Once the car had been carefully moved from the prep area at our Suffolk HQ, it was put into our booth for Mauro to lay down several coats of final primer on the car. All of the prep work on the car leads up to this moment, and as you can see the primer laid down near enough perfectly on each of the panels of the car.

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