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By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager


May 2024

Historical Rarity: 1905 Riley 9hp, Believed to be Experimental Design, Offered for Sale

Bridge Classic Cars are offering collectors a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire a true piece of automotive history: a meticulously restored 1905 Riley 9hp, believed to be an experimental design from the pioneering days of British motoring.

This remarkable vehicle, believed to predate even the earliest prototypes of Riley’s first four-wheeled chassis, has been brought back to life following a painstaking four-year restoration by the Pettistree-based restorers. The 1905 Riley 9hp, registered as CW151, is a unique example of early British automotive engineering and innovation.

Originally discovered hidden on a farm, presumably for safekeeping during the destructive years of the World Wars, CW151 was nothing more than a collection of scattered car parts and metal debris. Undeterred by the challenge, the restoration team at Bridge Classic Cars started the painstaking process of bringing the unique vehicle back to life.

Geoff Haviland, representing the Riley Cars Archive Heritage Trust, has personally inspected the car and strongly believes it to be an experimental precursor predating even the prototypes of Riley’s first four-wheeled chassis. The chassis details, although similar to those of the 1907 production model, exhibit distinct variations such as a longer front end, unique door and seating configurations, and other subtle differences that suggest its experimental nature.

“This 1905 Riley 9hp is believed to be an experimental design, produced for the test programme of Riley’s first four-wheeled chassis,” explains Rob Harvey, Marketing Manager at Bridge Classic Cars “There aren’t many times in life when you get the opportunity to be close to a vehicle that genuinely changed automotive history but, without this car, our cars would all likely be very different today”

“Three-wheeled cars (2 wheels at the front and 1 at the back) were the most popular of vehicles back when this was thought up. If it wasn’t for Percy Riley building this mock-up to refine his design, who knows how long it would have been before four-wheels became the norm.”

“As sad as we will be to see this one-off car leave the workshop, I’m excited to think that it will end up in a special collection where it can be appreciated and admired as much as it deserves to be.”

This exceptionally rare vehicle, one of only four surviving examples of the Riley 9hp, and the only experimental model believed to exist, is now going up for sale in the hope it will find its way into a collection worthy of its historical significance.

The sale of this extraordinary 119-year-old vehicle presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for automotive enthusiasts and collectors to acquire a true piece of motoring history.

Key Highlights of the 1905 Riley 9hp (CW151) Include:

  • Meticulously restored by Bridge Classic Cars over four years
  • Hand-painted by renowned sign writer, Joby Carter
  • Restoration focused on preserving and reusing original components, with a high percentage of the vehicle being authentic
  • Comes with a professionally framed original roof and seat cover, adding to its historical authenticity

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