Press Release – A Suffolk Barn Find – 1952 Austin A40

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By Rob Harvey

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May 2024

Ipswich, May 2024 – Several members of the Bridge Classic Cars team recently set out to investigate a rumoured barn find. What they found was a 1952 Austin A40 Cabriolet bodied by Jensen that had been securely stored away in a locked metal shed since at least 1987.

The team was warmly welcomed by the car’s owner, Jenny, to her Kesgrave home before she guided them down a picturesque garden path to a small, padlocked structure at the bottom of her property. The condition of the vehicle was unknown, as the doors had been shut for many years with slabs and wood leaned against them.

After some effort, the team managed to open the doors and got their first glimpse of the car inside. The Austin A40 was housed in a structure just large enough to fit the car, making it difficult to assess its overall condition from its resting place. However, the front of the car appeared to be in excellent shape, giving hope that the rest of the vehicle might have similarly withstood the test of time.

As the car was carefully moved out of storage for the first time in decades, the team was delighted to find it in fantastic condition. It was evident that Jenny’s late husband, a dedicated classic car enthusiast, had perfectly prepared the car for its long hibernation. Grease had been applied to the body, and the interior remained remarkably well-preserved. Notably, four spare tyres and the original hubcaps were found neatly stored in bags in the boot.

Following a brief on-site inspection, the 1952 Austin A40 was loaded into a trailer and transported safely to the Bridge Classic Cars workshop in Pettistree, near Woodbridge, Suffolk. Now at its new home, the vehicle will undergo a thorough cleaning and recommissioning process.

“We are incredibly excited about this find,” said Craig Ranson, Managing Director of Bridge Classic Cars. “The Austin A40 Cabriolet is a rare and beautiful piece of automotive history. We look forward to getting it back on the road where it belongs.”

For more information and to follow the car’s progress, keep an eye on the Bridge Classic Cars website.


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