Preparing our 1972 MGB Roadster

Picture of By Nick Skinner
By Nick Skinner

Marketing Executive/Photographer

Our technician Jon has been working on preparing our 1972 MGB Roadster for the marketing team to shoot ahead of its competition.

In our Suffolk workshops, Jon has removed the carburettors from the classic sports car and stripped them down on the bench. From there he could clean the units down and free them up as the jets had seized into their tubes, so after their removal Jon completely cleaned every part of them back down again individually before reassembling the units and setting the jets to the correct .90mm depth.

Jon could then begin to carry out the inspection on the Roadster with his findings as follows:

”Refit both carbs and secure. Adjust throttles and chokes to balance and check for full throttle etc. Run and test. Started ok on full choke.. starter motor has an issue and car has an oil leak from oil filter area. Take round to workshop to carry out inspection and repairs. Adjust steering rack pinion adjuster to remove play from rack. Clean and tighten oil filter adapter plate. Tighten and secure both mirrors. Strip and remove starter motor. Test on bench. Works intermittently,. Remove rear cover and withdraw stator. Clean contact inside and reassemble. Retest and works ok everything. Refit and test, ok. Check axle oil level, ok. Secure wiring at rear to tank sender. Reposition loom from boot. Top up engine oil and place new jack and wheel brace in boot.”

First off, Jon installed the new flexi hoses onto the underside of the car. Next up, Jon worked inside the cabin of the MGB to refit the nearside seat belt correctly into the car before moving on to cleaning up the wiring underneath/behind the dashboard. Whilst there, he had to reposition the heater fan as it was slightly off and causing a noise but after moving it he reported all was ok. Then Jon could attach the new battery terminals to make sure the connection was absolutely perfectly. Finishing off these repairs, he reposition the steering column cowling and horn wiring to get rid of an annoying noise.

And to finish off these repairs, Jon did the following:

”Check gearbox oil level via dipstick inside car. Lift carpet and remove bung etc. Refit bung and carpet after checking level. Remove drivers electric window switch and remove both terminals to window motor. Swap round in multi plug and test. Window now operates in correct direction with switch. Lube window runners. Remove nearside electric window switch and swap round multi plug. Refit and test, ok. Try keys in glove box. Eventually got it open. Remove lock and barrell. Inspect and found 1 plunger in lock not dropping in when key in lock. Grind off and retry. Ok. Refit and test.”

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