Preparations On The Daytona

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Scott has continued to prep the body of the Daytona by preparing the chassis and engine bay for paint.

Scott has removed the heater blower to gain access to repair the rotten battery tray. The repair was done by cutting the rotten metal out and making a new panel to be welded in.

Scott has continued to clean up and remove rust from the chassis and engine bay to get it ready for paint. He’s also removed rust from the A posts by using a rust treatment. Scott has then repaired where the fibreglass of the body meets the steel framework of the ‘A’ posts that had been damaged by rust.

James has also been working on our Daytona. He’s removed the lower part of the left rear lower subframe mount as it had a snapped and rusted bolt. He made a replacement and location bracket to ensure that the new thread remains centred. Once this was made, James then welded it back in place.

Kath has been working on creating a custom dashboard by refurbishing the existing parts and designing elements as the client wishes. After stripping the dashboard, Kath will then start to recover the parts. The client has requested a custom dashboard with piano hinges. Many of these components are also original Ferrari pieces that the client has sourced, making this project not only a Ferrari Daytona Replica but a custom replica.

Kath removed the cover from the glovebox and dashboard to reveal the wood underneath meaning it is now ready for one of our workshop engineers to modify.

Here is Kath’s process:

The steering rack has been sent off to Kelly Bray Steering to be refurbished as it was leaking and the steering arm is bent.

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