Pre Mot Work On Our E-Type

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By Rob Harvey

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Jonn has been looking after our 1962 Jaguar E-Type as it was prepared for an MOT. Here are his notes:

Investigate charging issue and order new regulator. Remove auxiliary belt sprung tensioner and fit smaller belt from stock. Run up. Drain coolant and replenish with anti freeze.

Bleed brakes with pressure bleeder. Carry out pre mot check over. Nearside number plate light not working and stripped and traced fault to poor earth. Clean contacts and refit, ok. Fit new grommet to throttle shaft. Remove throttle rod, clean and free off and refit and secure.

Fit new washer pump and test. Blow out offside jet. Clean out washer bottle. Test, ok. Remove steering wheel and align steering and refit wheel loosely until road tested.

Remove old voltage regulator. Clean all connections. Fit new regulator but slightly bigger than original and touches body. Remove and grind down for clearance and remount. Connect and test. Ignition light now goes out and charging at 13.1v. Carry out 1st proper roadvtst. Stop and tune carbs roughly by ear. Return to workshop. Adjust steering wheel to straight ahead position and secure. Lube throttle linkages. Adjust nearside binnetvcatch. Adjust handbrake. Tighten fuel connections to carbs.

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