Please hold caller… Our 1982 Bedford HA is now live

Picture of By Nick Skinner
By Nick Skinner

Marketing Executive/Photographer

The beloved panel van formed a core moment in the automotive lives of so many. Maybe it was your first role of responsibility at work or it was an early runaround filled with friends and laughter, either way it was always there but have become a seldom sight in the UK classic car scene.

Just like this one, our 1982 Bedford HA.

Using the Vauxhall Viva as a base, the HA’s were first let loose on British roads in 1964 and would continue to play a key role in the high-street landscape up until production ended in the early 1980’s. A favourite with utility companies, the HA’s would wear a multitude of liveries throughout their production run including the Royal Mail, British Gas, British European Airways and the famous yellow and blue British Telecom livery like our van.

After their working life was over, many of these vans would find themselves on the driveways of young petrolheads across the UK as some of their first forays onto the open road, and into a special place in their automotive hearts.

Our 1982 Bedford HA has been subject to a comprehensive restoration by a previous owner who transformed KTS 92X into the beautiful panel van that you see today and pay tribute to the bright and eye-catching British Telecom vans of the 1970s/1980s as documented in the wonderful photos of the cars transformative journey.

Now is your chance to win truly one of the most practical classics! Enter now to win our 1982 Bedford HA Van.

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