PDI And Road Test

By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Our 1992 Rover Italian Job Mini has been with technician Jonn recently. his notes:

Carry out road test. Car has a vibration through whole car and steering out to right. Remove engine steady bar and found bushes badly splt.

Take outside and warm up. Carry out road test. Return to workshop with issues to sort out. Remove steering wheel and align with straight ahead position. Car has bad vibration and knock. Trace knock to engine steady link.

Adjust valve clearances all were tight. Refit rocker cover and run up. Vibration still present. Raise in the air and run up. Visually inspect for components in contact with body but nothing found. All subframe and engine mounts appear fine. Remove catalyst as internals loose. Smash out monolith from inside just incase it was blocked. Refit and run and test. Still the same. Disconnect alternator belt and run up. Vibration still present.

The car has now been transported for repair.

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