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By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Here are Jonn’s notes following the pre-delivery inspection of our 1964 Ford Zephyr:

Refit radiator now back from repair. Connect hoses and secure. Vacuum refill system even though it had a minor pressure loss over 2 mins. Visually check round resecure all pipes and check for leaks. Ok at present. Fit refurbished offside front brake caliper and pads. With John’s help bleed entire brake system and pressure check for leaks, ok. Refit wheel.

Take outside to start up and check. Found door ajar and interior light on all night so battery flat. Run lead outside and battery charger and get started, but heater valve leaking almost instantly. Check charge light extinguished and switch off. Take back into workshop and drain coolant again. Strip and remove heater box assembly. Remove heater valve and strip. Get Christian to weld small hole in valve body. Use instant gasket and new O ring and reassemble in vice. Refit to heater and leave to go off overnight. Carry out pdi. Torque wheel nuts and refit wheel trims. Inflate/deflate tyres to obtain correct pressure. All tyres Found to be excessively high pressure as pictures will testify. Set to correct pressures all round.

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