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Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Fresh off the ship this morning and in our workshops this afternoon, here we have our 1967 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow – RXX 1. having travelled all the way over from our good friends at Beverly Hills Car Club, she spent her early years in Kirkcaldy before heading over to the states.

1967 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 1

Source: Wikipedia

Initially, the model was planned to be called “Silver Mist”, a natural progression from its predecessor Silver Cloud. The name was changed to “Silver Shadow” after realising that “Mist” is the German word for manure, rubbish, or dirt.

Our Silver Shadow is a very early model which has the much sought after Chippendale dash. Finished in claret over black with magnolia leather. It was exported to the United States where it remained as a 1 owner car until recently repatriated by Bridge Classic Cars and still, today, sporting its  RXX1 registration number.

It is not our intention to restore the car but to sympathetically recommission so as not to lose the years of patina.

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