New Pieces – Repairing the rear valance of our 1973 Ferrari 246 GTS

Picture of By Nick Skinner
By Nick Skinner

Marketing Executive/Photographer

The 246GTS has been in the fabrication bay of the Bridge Classic Cars HQ under the care of our fabricator Christian.

There are a few areas of corrosion on the classic sports car which are being addressed by the team. After Chris had repaired the chassis gussets on the underside of the car, he could turn his attention to the body of the car. After stripping back the paint and other materials in the rear valance, he could see how deep and far the problem had spread to. Carefully cutting back the piece, it exposed the inner skin which had also begun to corrode so Christian began to prepare for the repairs to that too. One of the first steps was to remove anything flamable nearby to the area he was working in which was the rear storage area, and after pulling up the carpet to check for any more corrosion (which wasn’t there) he noticed that there had been a mouse living in there for quite some time… After hoovering out the area and making sure it was ok to begin the repairs he could begin to fit up and shape the new metal into place making small adjustments as he went to get the best fit and finish.

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