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By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Jonn has been continuing his work on our 1992 Toyota MR2. He has stripped and fitted a new fuel filter. He has also drained the automatic transmission and removed the sump and filter. These were cleaned before being refitted and torqued to 10nm. The nearside front ball joint was stripped and removed ready for replacement. The brake fluid was then changed and the system bled.

The next job was to strip the engine to replace the cambelt and water pump. Jonn found various bolts seized and difficult to remove. One bolt snapped in the water pump housing so Jonn had to remove the exhaust manifold heatshield and various bracketry to enable access to the rear of the water pump/thermostat housing. Eventually, he was able to remove the housing.

The water pump housing was cleaned and Jonn drilled out the broken bolt and retapped the thread to 6mm. He then refitted it the to engine with new o rings. The new water pump was fitted and secured before a vac test was carried out to check if the system was sealed.

The new cambelt, idler and tensioner were fitted. Jonn turned the engine over 4 times and checked the timing marks aligned. The lower cover and crank pulley were then refitted before the rocker cover was stripped, removed, and cleaned ready for a new gasket.

Jonn refitted the engine mount and alternator bracket. He then mounted the alternator and fitted the air con and alternator belts before adjusting them.

Next, Jonn refitted the inlet manifold, servo pipe and cables. He then used a vacuum tool to refill the cooling system with a 50/50 antifreeze water mix. After fitting the new nearside lower ball join Jonn refitted the wheels and torqued them to 103nm.

One of the final jobs for Jonn was to investigate why the driver’s window was not working. He checked the fuses and removed the door panel and power motor directly and found it didn’t work. This will need to be replaced to resolve the issue.

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