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By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

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The Motoring Hall of Fame (MHoF) has added four more automotive powerhouses to its small and highly exclusive club. At a ceremony held at this year’s British Motor Show, Dr. Andy Palmer, Linda Jackson, Steve Nash and Vera Park were formally inducted as Motoring Hall of Famers for life.

Motoring Hall Of Famer – Dr. Andy Palmer

Working in the automotive industry for more than 40 years, Dr. Andy Palmer has held multiple senior and influential positions such as COO of Nissan and CEO of Aston Martin Lagonda. Among his long list of accomplishments within the industry, he is also a licensed race car driver and even advises the UK Government on export matters.

Dr. Palmer said “‍I’m humbled and honoured to be inducted into The Motoring Hall of Fame this year, and to be recognised at last month’s British Motor Show induction ceremony in this way,”

Hall of Fame '23 inductee Dr Andy Palmer

Motoring Hall Of Famer – Linda Jackson

Linda Jackson has worked in the automotive industry since 1977 when she held a temporary position as an accounting clerk at Jaguar. After her time at Jaguar, she moved on to multiple positions for various well-known car brands including British Leyland, and Austin Rover. She became CEO of Citroen before finally being appointed as CEO of Peugeot in 2021.

Speaking about her induction, Linda said “Thank you to the Hall of Fame and show organisers for this wonderful accolade”

Motoring Hall of Fame '23 inductee Linda Jackson

Motoring Hall Of Famer – Steve Nash

As CEO of the Institute of the Motoring Industry, Steve Nash has been in the motor industry his entire working life. A large part of his career was spent at BMW UK where he worked from 1986 all the way through until 2012. In his current role, he is working on his mission to raise awareness of the importance of professional standards across the sector, not only within the industry but also in government, consumer organisations, and other relevant stakeholders.

A very surprised Steve Nash said, “The British Motor Show is the biggest event of its kind in the UK, so to be presented with this accolade at the show amongst so many industry colleagues and genuine automotive enthusiasts was a real privilege.”

Motoring Hall of Fame '23 inductee Steve Nash

Motoring Hall Of Famer – Vera Park

Vera Park is currently the Lead Exterior Designer at Jaguar Land Rover. In this role, she plays a huge part in how Jaguars and Land Rovers will look in the future. She has also worked at Infiniti, Nissan and Renault before her appointment at JLR.

Vera said “Many thanks to the organisers of The Hall of Fame and The British Motor Show. Also, my congratulations to Andy, Linda and Steve. It really is a huge honour for me, as a car designer, to join such admirable automotive industry people in The Motoring Hall of Fame.”

Motoring Hall Of Fame

Since 2010, there have been 39 inductees into the Motoring Hall of Fame. They are:

Mary Barra
Albert Biermann
Martin Brundle 
Ian Callum CBE 
Eui-sun Chung 
Michael Cole  
Luca De Meo 
Lord Edmiston
Henrik Fisker 
Giorgetto Giugiaro
Tom Hartley 
Paddy Hopkirk MBE
Peter Horbury
Linda Jackson
Hiroyoshi Kato
Woo-choong Kim
Michael Leiters
Bob Lutz
Ikuo Maeda
Nick Mason CBE
Lord Monatgu of Beaulieu
Sir Stirling Moss OBE (Inductee No.1)
Prof. Gordon Murray CBE
Elon Musk
Shiro Nakamura
Steve Nash
Dr Andy Palmer
Vera Jiyeong Park
Guy Pigounakis
Marek Reichman
Peter Schreyer
Osamu Suzuki
Ratan Tata
Carlos Tavares
Le Thi Thu Thuy
Takeshi Uchiyamada
Matthew Weaver
Janet Wilkinson MBE
Kazunori Yamauchi

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