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By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

More progress has been made on the restoration of our 1984 Suzuki GSX 400T. The switch has just arrived and is very flat across the top. The speedo pops up 20mm and has a convex glass so you don’t have to be over it to read it with a fully digital display.

All of the controls are now sorted and a combined digital speedo and tachometer and rear light have been fitted, so just wiring to go.

The clutch issue is now solved, thanks to lots of mucking about with the sprocket and lift mechanism. The clutch lifter, when operating, moves toward the drive sprocket, with a 10mm offset sprocket and HD 520 chain they met at 1/4 lift.

Another lift mechanism has been sourced from a later model, which sits more flush on the inner case and gives 4mm extra lift, then another 3mm off the back of the sprocket and turned chain link to the inside and all is now fine with more than enough clearance at full lift.

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