More Interior Work And Engine Progress

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By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Classic car technician Brian has been doing some more work on the interior of our 1955 Aston Martin DB2/4 Mark 1.

His work started by cutting out a new top panel for the rear base seat. This was trial fitted in the car before Brian then went on to fit the front rail trim panel to the front edge of the seat base. The top panel was then glued and screwed to the base seat.

Once the base seat was in the car, Brian moved on to cutting the strips of leather to go around the inside of the boot opening. These were then glued into place.

Brian also fitted the rear side panels as well as the rear floor panels.

The carpets were the next focus of Brian’s attention. He glued calico material to the back of the carpets and marked where the carpets will go on the panels inside the car. The carpet was glued to the rear side panels as well as to the bottom edge and side of the interior wheel arch panel. Brian repeated this on both sides of the vehicle.

After the carpets, Brian fitted the metal channels to the boot floor panels and fitted rubber strips to them.

The boot floor panels were put in place and the middle metal channel was fitted to join the two panels together. Brian went on to fit all of the metal access covers to the boot floor.

Cover panels for the rear base seat to cover the bolts were next to be made before the rear squab was fitted in the car.

After the carpets and boot floor panels had been fitted, Brian turned his attention to the passenger side dash tray.

With all of this interior work ongoing, the rebuild of the engine for our 1955 Aston Martin DB2/4 Mark 1 is also making good progress.

The cam timing is now being sorted so it won’t be too much longer before the engine will be ready to go back into this rare classic car.

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