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By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager

Jonn has been continuing his work preparing our 1989 Daimler Double Six for someone to win it in the near future through Bridge Classic Cars Competitions.

Here are his notes:

Strip caliper. Remove all dust seals, pistons and seals. Clean thoroughly. Use new brake fluid to assemble with new seals and refit pistons. A couple of the pistons have corrosion but should seal after cleaning. Make new brake pipe from caliper to flexi hose.

Bend new brake pipe to rough shape of old pipe. Fit caliper and spacers to car. Fit new brake pipe and secure. Let gravity feed brake fluid into caliper. Refit pads and lubricate. Bleed caliper and test under pressure. No signs of leaks at this stage. Check brake operation and wheel spins freely upon release. Refit wheel and torque to spec.

Remove Aav from nearside engine. Clean thoroughly and attempt to free off. Test in hot water but valve slide inside seized. Requires new valve.

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