MG Cyberster – The First All-Electric Roadster

By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

MG hosted a special preview event where the brand showed off a pre-production design model of its brand-new all-electric roadster – The Cyberster. With a release expected in the summer of 2024, a new chapter in the MG story is being written as the iconic manufacturer returns to its roots with this exciting new sports car.

The Cyberster made its debut at the event held at the MG Motor UK headquarters in Marylebone, London. It was there that advanced design director, Carl Gotham and team – who played a key role in creating the Cyberster – introduced the model for the first time.

Carl said “It is a special moment for all of us who have played a part in designing this unique car. The Cyberster will offer MG customers a striking, all-electric roadster which will be as exciting as MG sports cars of the past.”

To mark the upcoming release of the Cyberster, MG has released a film which helps tell the story of the work that went into designing and creating a sports car that is set to be the very first all-electric roadster on the market.

Inspired by MGs heritage, the Cyberster has the distinctive long bonnet, a low nose, and plenty of curves. In addition to the recognisable features that indicate the car’s MG lineage, new features such as scissor doors and a Kammback rear design bring a classic design into a stylish new future.

The creation of the Cyberster marks MG’s return to sports car production. Not only does the Cyberster do this in attention-grabbing fashion, but it also brings the MG story right up to date and allows for another generation of drivers to enjoy this iconic British brand.

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