Maroon Stag Trimmings And Furnishings

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Brian has fitted the door cards into our Maroon Triumph Stag which not only included the trim but also the lights and electrics. Brian had to glue vinyl onto the boards and add metal trims, kitting out the door cards with pockets and arm rests as well.

We’ve also replaced the window winding mechanism in the door which allows the windows to move.

Kath has sanded and cleaned down the hood roof bars, added foam and fitted a new leather cover to ensure that its looking smart. She has also replaced the furnishing on the ash tray as well.

Brian has fitted the new under dash shelf to passenger side. Kath has fitted the carpet in the boot which fits perfectly over the board Brian has made.

Brian has fitted the bracket to the new boot board and has cut the new boot board to fit right in the car. Once adjusted to fit perfectly, he could lay the carpet over it and finish the task. She’s also fitted a new cover and chrome onto the rear hood cover. Kath is then waiting for the hood webbing straps, metal channels and rubber seals to arrive and then she can start fitting the hood.

Brian has also been gluing the vinyl to the rear bar of the hood frame.

Brian has been glueing vinyl to the ‘B’ post trim panels. He then has to glue the vinyl to the plastic side trim panels for the roof and fit the ‘B’ post trim panels in place. Brian then fit the velcro onto the frame as well as the plastic trim & metal channel for the side rubbers. He then fit the rubber into the metal channels and finished by fitting the back plastic trim, metal channel and rubber in place.

Kath has also begun the webbing lining for the roof hood bars. She’s wrapped up the sides in Velcro for the hood to fasten to and attached the metal channel. She then adds a rubber seal, a front header rail and covers the front section in foam then black vinyl.

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