May 4, 2021

Jensen 541S Looking For Its Forever Home

Our 1960 541S Jensen is looking for its forever home and is best suited to someone who aims to restore it with us. Alternatevly is can be purchased and taken away as it is but we recommend carrying on the restoration with us as you’ll soon end up with your very own bespoke Jensen. We can either restore it back to original specifications or we can do a custom build just for its new owner, meaning the colour, interior and mechanics can be redesigned to suit.

For just 19k, this restoration project could be yours as it is, but with an open-ended budget, it can transform into whatever you want.

First registered in 1960, 838 ABP has been taken out of long term storage. The car we would consider to be 95% complete but everything requires a full restoration.

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Maroon Stag Trimmings And Furnishings

Brian has fitted the door cards into our Maroon Triumph Stag which not only included the trim but also the lights and electrics. Brian had to glue vinyl onto the boards and add metal trims, kitting out the door cards with pockets and arm rests as well.

We’ve also replaced the window winding mechanism in the door which allows the windows to move.

Kath has sanded and cleaned down the hood roof bars, added foam and fitted a new leather cover to ensure that its looking smart. She has also replaced the furnishing on the ash tray as well.

Brian has fitted the new under dash shelf to passenger side. Kath has fitted the carpet in the boot which fits perfectly over the board Brian has made.

Brian has fitted the bracket to the new boot board and has cut the new boot board to fit right in the car. Once adjusted to fit perfectly, he could lay the carpet over it and finish the task. She’s also fitted a new cover and chrome onto the rear hood cover. Kath is then waiting for the hood webbing straps, metal channels and rubber seals to arrive and then she can start fitting the hood.

Brian has also been gluing the vinyl to the rear bar of the hood frame.

Brian has been glueing vinyl to the ‘B’ post trim panels. He then has to glue the vinyl to the plastic side trim panels for the roof and fit the ‘B’ post trim panels in place. Brian then fit the velcro onto the frame as well as the plastic trim & metal channel for the side rubbers. He then fit the rubber into the metal channels and finished by fitting the back plastic trim, metal channel and rubber in place.

Kath has also begun the webbing lining for the roof hood bars. She’s wrapped up the sides in Velcro for the hood to fasten to and attached the metal channel. She then adds a rubber seal, a front header rail and covers the front section in foam then black vinyl.

Jaguar E-Type Cleaned, Sand Blasted And Prepped

Our 1973 Jaguar E-Type recently came back from Abbey Protective Coating’s for sandblasting. Now that any excess rust has come off, we can start to work with all the stable metal that’s left. This E-Type is a particularly strong example as there was very little corrosion.

Tom has been sorting out parts which were then powder coated and sent back from Abbey sandblasters.

Scott stripped the brake callipers before they were sent away to be refurbished, as well as stripping the heater box down and checking it over. He made sure that the matrix was in good condition, then he got a load of the parts sand blasted so they are ready to be painted.

Matt has prepared the panels by striping them back to bare metal and given a protective them a rust proof coating.

Some elements have been painted in DTM black. These components are internal and are kept black to look uniform.

Brian has also started to take apart the seats and hood to be re-covered.

Scott has put the heater box back together after the parts being painted. He’s cleaned and polished the parts and replaced the foam seals and gaskets where necessary, so it’s ready to fit straight to the car when that time comes.

Goodwood Revival Repost – May 2021

We’re delighted to see that Goodwood Revival has shared our free competition for Goodwood tickets and spending money! We can’t wait for September and are excited to see this year’s new layout.

You can enter our competition here.

1969 Mini Arrives At Winner’s Home

We’re delighted to announce that Matthew Evans has received his new 1969 Mini MKII 850 Super Deluxe safe and sound. Matthew won with his lucky ticket number 1532.

Matthew bought only one ticket with us which happened to be his first ever ticket he’d bought with us – and as fate would have it, it happened to be his winning ticket.

35th Anniversary Mini Arrives At Winner’s House

Our 1996 35th Anniversary edition Mini Cooper has been delivered to Steve Hatswell in East Grinstead last week. Steve happens to be the brother of Phillip Hatswell who received the BMW Z3M. We often see family members enter after seeing their relatives win with us, but it’s a first for a double family win!

You can see the live draw and entry lists from the night, here.

Sprint Magazine – May 2021

Some of you may remember that almost 18 months ago, we sold this charming 1962 TVR Grantura Race Car, just one of a few of its kind. This article explains its history and its upcoming restoration. We’re delighted to not only feature on a 6 page spread but to also appear on the front cover!

We’re eagerly await more news on the restoration of this very special TVR.