Lots Of Welding

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Classic car technician Rob has continued his work on our 1959 Jensen 541R. Following the return of the doors from the sandblasters, Rob has been able to make some good progress with the restoration of this rare classic car.

His attention was first placed on the rear wheel arch filler panels. These were made and welded in place. Rob went on to weld the A and B posts too before adjusting and fitting the left-hand sill and panels.

The welding continued with the battery cradle being welded in along with the left-hand inner C panel being welded in as well.

Rob’s attention then turned to the doors of our 541R. Unfortunately, there were areas of corrosion which needed to be cut out and removed. Fortunately, though, Rob has the experience and the skillset required to make new panels and weld these in.

With less than 200 of these beautiful cars being made, the restoration work that is done here at Bridge Classic Cars by our highly skilled technicians, like Rob, is extremely important. As so few of these classic cars were made in the first place, having one less in the world is never a good thing.

Work will continue on our 1959 Jensen 541R and it will continue to make progress back to its former glory before eventually driving out of our workshop and back onto the road.

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