1959 Jensen 541R – Rebuilding A Classic Car

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Over the last week, classic car technician Rob has been spending his time putting our 1959 Jensen 541R back together. Since the chassis of this rare car arrived back at the workshop, Rob has had his work cut out fitting everything back onto the car in the right place (and in the right order!)

The rebuild began with Rob fitting the sills back on and then refitting and welding the bulkhead onto the chassis as well.

From there, Rob went on to bolt the front wheel arches and the mounting frames in place and began work on fitting the body and the roof back together again. With this done, our 1959 Jensen 541R started to become much more recognisable as the beautiful classic car that we know it is.

We recently got the doors of our 541R back from the sandblasters. Although some repair work is still needed, Rob reassembled the doors so he could fit them to the car in order to check the A and B post alignment. He also bolted the roof down before making a new C pillar inner panel ready to fit later on.

Rob has moved on with his restoration work and has now made and welded the rear arch filler panels. He has also welded the A and B posts down.

The left-hand sill and panels have been adjusted and fitted and the left-hand C panel has also been welded in too.

Despite the fact that there is still a long way to go (and a whole lot more work to do), our 1959 Jensen 541R is looking extremely different to how it did just a few days ago. It is much more recognisable now and it is much closer to its final look than it has been before.

We are very lucky to have a skilled classic car technician like Rob working on the car and we are looking forward to seeing even more progress made very soon.

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