Interior work on our Jensen 541

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Some additional shaping was needed to the floor mats upon inspection. Lydia cut down the sides slightly and shaped the back edge. She added a rubber floor mat to the drivers side to give some protection for the mat.

The front carpet mats have been altered to improve the fit and she also located the seat bars to secure the seat bases to the sliding rail. Heat shrink has been added to the end of these to give them a better finish.

Most of the interior is now complete. The centre arm rest storage has been fitted and the front seats are now secured in as well. Just awaiting the capping pieces for the door cards to be finished.

Cutting and fitting weather strips to the door tops, adjusting the ends of the door cappings so the doors close properly. Lydia has cut out insert panels for the door panels, covering insert panels in leather and fitting to the door panels, fitting door panels back onto the car.

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