November 8, 2023

Austin Healey pre delivery inspection

Jon is currently carrying out the pre delivery inspection on our 1958 Austin Healey 100-6.

He has secured both front seat bases as the bolts were missing in the frames. Tighten and test and all ok.

He has drained approximately 3 litres of coolant and replenish with anti freeze.

He has slackened the handbrake cable and removed the clevis pin from linkage. He has adjusted the cable end and re-attached, fitted new clevis pin and split pin.

Attend to both door check straps.

Tighten hinge pin and nuts and fit new clevis pins to strap with washer and new split pins.

Trace dash illumination as we have found that it is not working, king to switch under dash. All working now.

Just needs fuel gauge, washers and road test to finish.

Volkswagen Beetle nearing completion

We are so so close now with our Volkswagen Beetle completion. Jon has attended to the bonnet seal at the bulkhead.

Align and cut to length in the new channel. We have drilled holes along the length.

Align on car and drill scuttle panel to match. Give channel to body shop to paint. Touch in all holes with red paint.

Rivet bonnet seal retaining channel to scuttle panel and fit seal. Clean down and refit bonnet. Adjust and tighten.

Amphicar assembly continues

More progress fitting the doors and locks, bonnet catches and lock covers, final assembly of the dashboard and controls including cables.

The front and rear bumpers and over riders have been fitted along with the outer door handles.

Rover 216 Cabriolet hood fitting

Brian has glued the flaps around the rear side window area of the frame, fitting rubber seals, fitting rear of headliner to the parcel tray. He has glued the metal side bars to the hood cover, bolted the metal bars to the car, fitting rear window in place. He has fitted the headliner around rear window and the screws to rear edge.

1979 Ford Escort Ghia Repairs

Jon is preparing the Escort for next week’s competition draw. He has stripped and removed the carburettors. Stripped and checked that the jet sizes correspond with the 2000cc engine in 32/36 carb setting. The jet sizes are all ok.

He has cleaned and blown out the carb and rebuilt before refitting to the car.

We have replaced split the vacuum hose to the distributor and check the distributor cap and rotor arm.

The rotor is showing signs of a burnt tip and the cap is poor inside with a hole in it. We have checked the spark plugs too.

A new new cap is on order along with a new rotor and plugs.

Jon has cleaned and refitted the air filter assembly and check front seat bolts.

The rear bolts have been removed from the drivers seat and we have drilled out the broken bolt in outer fixing. Fill in floor holes with instant gasket. Refit all seat bolts with large washers and tighten. Paint all nuts bolts black inside and out.

Interior work on our Jensen 541

Some additional shaping was needed to the floor mats upon inspection. Lydia cut down the sides slightly and shaped the back edge. She added a rubber floor mat to the drivers side to give some protection for the mat.

The front carpet mats have been altered to improve the fit and she also located the seat bars to secure the seat bases to the sliding rail. Heat shrink has been added to the end of these to give them a better finish.

Most of the interior is now complete. The centre arm rest storage has been fitted and the front seats are now secured in as well. Just awaiting the capping pieces for the door cards to be finished.

Cutting and fitting weather strips to the door tops, adjusting the ends of the door cappings so the doors close properly. Lydia has cut out insert panels for the door panels, covering insert panels in leather and fitting to the door panels, fitting door panels back onto the car.

Works continues on our 1980 Volvo 240 Estate

Steve has fitted new points and condenser to the Volvo as well as a new cambelt, tensioner pully and spring.

Both near side and one of the off side tyres are badly cracked so will need replacing.