Interior Work On Our 1958 Jensen 541R

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

More work continues to be completed on the interior of our 1958 Jensen 541R.

Lydia has been extremely busy fitting the rear squab seat cover onto its frame. Once she had done this, her attention turned to the rear base. After carefully measuring the material, Lydia cut out the pieces of leather and vinyl she needed before sewing them together.

After sewing everything together, she then went on to create the foam frame.

The cover was glued and stapled onto the newly made frame before Lydia could take a moment to take in her handy work.

It wasn’t long before Lydia was back to work though – binding carpet edges and sewing vinyl and carpet together (and piping them) for the door cards.

In addition to this, Brian has been working on the dash panel, glovebox, door panels, and kick pads which have also been made, ready to be installed into the car in the very near future.

The window trims have also been covered in vinyl as the interior work on the 541R makes some good progress. You can see this progress for yourself from the impressive haul of photos below.

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