September 23, 2022

More Work On The Subframe Of Our 1955 Jensen 541

More repair work was needed on the subframe of our 1955 Jensen 541.

This work has been undertaken and completed. The finished subframe will now be able to offer the support it needs to, in order to keep the classic car running smoothly and safely when it is fully restored.

Engine Removal – 1954 Jaguar MKVII

Dave has spent a lot of time lately working on our 1954 Jaguar MKVII. During one of his inspections of the vehicle, he noticed that there appeared to be some damage to the engine.

As his investigation went deeper, he discovered grit in the oil and some damage to the big end. The result was the engine having to be removed from the car and sent to our partners at Coltec for a rebuild.

Removing the engine from this classic car is a big job but, as an experienced and skilled classic car technician, Dave was able to get the job done and he hopes to receive the rebuilt engine back soon.

Once it’s back with us, work will continue to restore the classic Jaguar.

Interior Work On Our 1958 Jensen 541R

More work continues to be completed on the interior of our 1958 Jensen 541R.

Lydia has been extremely busy fitting the rear squab seat cover onto its frame. Once she had done this, her attention turned to the rear base. After carefully measuring the material, Lydia cut out the pieces of leather and vinyl she needed before sewing them together.

After sewing everything together, she then went on to create the foam frame.

The cover was glued and stapled onto the newly made frame before Lydia could take a moment to take in her handy work.

It wasn’t long before Lydia was back to work though – binding carpet edges and sewing vinyl and carpet together (and piping them) for the door cards.

In addition to this, Brian has been working on the dash panel, glovebox, door panels, and kick pads which have also been made, ready to be installed into the car in the very near future.

The window trims have also been covered in vinyl as the interior work on the 541R makes some good progress. You can see this progress for yourself from the impressive haul of photos below.

A New Carpet For Our 1978 MG B GT

The classic car technicians at Bridge Classic Cars can turn their hand to many jobs. One job that you might not expect them to excel at though is carpet fitting! However, that’s exactly what they have been doing with our 1978 MG B GT.

The exterior of this classic car is enough to catch many people’s eye but, for its owner, the interior needs to be equally as well finished too.

That’s why new carpet and interior trim have been fitted recently. Installing carpet in a classic car takes a steady hand, a keen eye, and a good amount of patience. Luckily the team in the workshop have a whole load of experience (and skill) in these areas and, as you can see from the photos below, the interior of this stunning car is coming together nicely as a result.

New Into The Workshop – 2000 TVR Chimaera 450

It’s always an exciting time when we see the arrival of a new car into our workshop. One of the most recent additions is our 2000 TVR Chimaera 450 in blue.

Once we have finished lovingly staring at this beautiful classic car, our classic car technicians will take control of it in order to inspect and assess its current condition.

While this classic car is with us, it will undergo a full MOT and service, have a new induction hose fitted, and our classic car technicians will investigate an issue with the radiator fan that is causing it to run continuously.

This looks to be an exciting project for Bridge Classic Cars, so expect plenty of updates very soon.

New Glass And Trim – 1981 MG B GT LE

After being recently repainted, our 1981 MG B GT LE had new glass and trim installed.

This has not only made the car look neat and tidy, but also taken it one step closer to getting back on the road for everyone to see and enjoy!

Interior Carpets -1958 JENSEN 541R

With new paintwork and new seats, it was time for the internal floor of our 1958 Jensen 541R to get some attention.

Some fairly tricky areas needed new carpet so a variety of patterns and templates were needed to make sure everything fit perfectly in the car.

As work continues on this beautiful classic car, both the exterior and the interior have come a long way since the car first arrived at our workshop. With work continuing at a steady pace, the 1958 Jensen 541R is certainly making some good progress as it continues on its restoration journey.