In Place – New Universal Joint & Gearbox/Crossmember Bushes on the 1969 Sunbeam Rapier

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

The 1969 Sunbeam Rapier has been up on the ramp at the Bridge Classic Cars for its final inspection and to have the final jobs finished on the car.

On inspection, the team have replaced the universal joint to the front of the driveshaft on the classic Sunbeam Fastback. Jon replaced the joint before refitting it back into the car ready for its new owner.

Whilst the driveshaft was out of the car, the workshop took the opportunity to renew the gearbox and cross-member bushes/mounts with brand new replacements for the car.

With the final bits of work done on the car, it will soon be heading off to its new home.

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