July 19, 2022

Behind the Scenes – Shooting the 2020 Triumph Street Twin

There is something wonderfully simple about riding a motorcycle. The direct, mechanical nature of a machine and its rider at one with each other on the open road. Some names are legendary within the pages of motorcycle history, such as this. Triumph.

Classically, the Bonneville series of motorcycles became synonymous across the world for steadfast engineering and superb performance. This bike is the modern interpretation of those principles. Our 2020 Triumph Street Twin. A modern take on the classical styling of the Bonnevilles, it works as a daily commuter or a knee-down warrior on a glorious Sunday afternoon.

Before the team began, the bike was checked over and inspected by the Bridge Classic Cars workshop who found the bike was in incredible condition covering just over 1200 miles in its life.

With the green light given for the team to go and film with it, it was off to our filming location to get what was needed. The water-cooled 900cc twin sang along the country roads on its way to The Hangar, our director Craig at the helm of the fantastic red and black bike. From there, the team could head out onto the old airforce base and begin to shoot.

The riding style and performance of the Street Twin make it not only comfortable for everyday use but gives the rider a confidence in the machine itself.

And all of this could be yours! This is now our latest competition prize as part of Bridge Classic Cars Competitions. Head over to the website using the link here and enter now for your chance to win this amazing 2020 Triumph Street Twin!

Or to check out the full gallery and video, take a look below:

In Place – New Universal Joint & Gearbox/Crossmember Bushes on the 1969 Sunbeam Rapier

The 1969 Sunbeam Rapier has been up on the ramp at the Bridge Classic Cars for its final inspection and to have the final jobs finished on the car.

On inspection, the team have replaced the universal joint to the front of the driveshaft on the classic Sunbeam Fastback. Jon replaced the joint before refitting it back into the car ready for its new owner.

Whilst the driveshaft was out of the car, the workshop took the opportunity to renew the gearbox and cross-member bushes/mounts with brand new replacements for the car.

With the final bits of work done on the car, it will soon be heading off to its new home.

Capped Off – New Dashboard Panels for the 1970 Bristol 411

The 1970 Bristol 411, which is in for a left-hand drive conversion by Bridge Classic Cars, has had its dashboard finished off by the in-house trim team.

The team have made new dashboard caps for the underside of the classic Bristol’s wood and leather dash. These were trimmed and shaped by Brian before being trimmed in matching black leather and fitted to the car. Also, the team have installed the glovebox light back into the car.

Update – New Console Plugs and Alarm Sensor Removal on the 1987 Daimler Double Six

The 1987 Daimler Double Six is having the last few pieces of its interior refit finished by the Bridge Classic Cars in-house trim shop.

The first task was for the team to retrim the centre console plugs of the classic Daimler. After being covered they were installed into the centre console of the car before the team could move onto the next job.

In the rear window, on the parcel shelf, is an alarm sensor for the car. This trim shop carefully removed the sensor from the parcel shelf before recovering the area with a capping.

Up on the Ramp – 1971 Bristol 411 Back at the Workshop

The Bridge Classic Cars team welcomed back the 1971 Bristol 411 to our Suffolk HQ to carry out some more work on the car.

The classic Bristol will be having a new wiring loom fitted alongside being servicing and inspected ahead of its MOT.

Alongside this is a list of small jobs for our workshop team to carry out on the car for its owner.

Braking Point – Making Brake Lines for our 2022 Bridge C-Type Replica

The team at Bridge Classic Cars have moved their attention to plumbing up the brake lines on the 2022 Bridge C-Type Replica.

Jon, one of our workshop technicians, has handmade all the various brake hard lines needed for the classic Le Mans racer. Each of these lines was measured, cut and bent to work around the various pieces of the frame and other systems within the engine bay of the car.

From the master cylinder out to the fittings, each pieces was made by hand and test fit into the car before the inner wings are to be removed and readied for their first stages of paint.

Preparations – Working on the Bonnet and Boot of the 1986 Daimler DS420

The paint and body team at Bridge Classic Cars have been working on preparing the bonnet and boot of the 1986 Daimler DS420 for primer.

Both were removed from the car, which is in our fabrication department, to be moved to the body area for the team to finesse. The panels were carefully inspected before their hardware was stripped back and catalogued and the sanding could begin.

A guide coat was applied before sanding to highlight any low spots which could be addressed before the first stay of epoxy primer which will be done shortly.

Ready to Come Out – Preparing to Remove the Engine from the 1940 Morris C8 Gun Tractor

The Bridge Classic Cars team have begun to prepare the 1940 Morris C8 Gun Tractor to remove its engine ahead of its rebuild.

Jon, one of our technicians, has been working through the various systems inside the engine bay to get them removed and stored. The shrowds and covers have also been removed from the car to make extra room when it comes to pulling the engine.

Keep an eye out on the Bridge Classic Cars news page for more updates very soon on the 1940 Morris Gun Tractor.

Up and Down – Sorting Out the Window of the 1954 Jaguar MkVII

The workshop at Bridge Classic Cars have sorted an issue with the window on the 1954 Jaguar MkVII which is in at our Suffolk HQ.

The classic Jaguar has developed an issue when winding the driver’s window down. The window glass would come off the runner attached to the regulator and then eventually drop to go back into the runner.

Our workshop carefully stripped back the door card and made the necessary adjustments to fix the issue before being put back together for the team to carry on with the other work on the car.

Repaired – Fixing the Exhaust Mount on the 1936 Lagonda Rapier

The workshop team at Bridge Classic Cars have tackled the first job on the 1936 Lagonda Rapier which recently arrived at our Suffolk HQ.

When the car arrived, the team noted the exhaust was hanging low and on inspection found the exhaust mount had broken allowing the exhaust to hang.

The team have modified the original mount to make sure it is now safe and secure under the classic pre-war tourer.

In Place – Fitting the Straight-Six into our 2022 Bridge C-Type Replica

The team in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop have begun to put the straight-six into the nose of our 2022 Bridge C-Type Replica. Jon worked alongside Josh, during his work experience, to install the gearbox onto the engine before hooking it up to our engine hoist to begin the process of getting the whole assembly into the car.

The team masked up and covered over any freshly painted pieces to avoid damaging them while also making sure anything needed to be removed for the installation was taken off the engine or the car before-hand. During the lowering process, the team discovered the oil pump would need to be changed to the alternative ”bowl” style in order to clear the frame. So, the engine came back out once more for the team to make the changes and try again.

After the oil pump was changed, the team could begin the process again of getting the engine into its final place. Inch by inch, the engine and gearbox were brought forwards toward the engine bay. Jon made the slightest of adjustments to the chains that suspended it above the delicate frame.

After the gearbox had slipped past the firewall, the team got together to slowly lower the engine block down into place. In order to get enough angle for the engine to sit perfectly in place, Jon had removed the gearbox mounts in the cockpit of the classic Le Mans car. The team then had to remove one engine mount in order to slip behind the steering column and then rebolt and tighten the bracket into place.

Finally, the help of a few sets of hands and some careful pushing and pulling, the glorious heart of our 2022 Bridge C-Type Replica was firmly in place.

With the engine now firmly in place on the C-Type Replica, our workshop and fabricators could begin work on getting the brakes and electrical system into the car for a test fit. But, it wouldn’t be complete without trying the beautiful new manifolds on the engine just to get a feel for what the engine bay of this incredible project will look like when finished.

We can’t wait to bring you more very soon on the build of our 2022 Bridge C-Type Replica!

Fitting Up – Final Welding of the Door Supports and Mocking Up the Suspension on the 1956 Jensen 541

The restoration workshop at the Bridge Classic Cars Suffolk HQ have been working on the 1956 Jensen 541.

This time, our technician Rob has been finishing up adjusting and finish welding the door supports for the car. With all of the supports and brackets perfectly in place to get the door gaps and alignment right, Rob could then finish welding all of the pieces into place including the all-important A pillar post.

With that now complete, the team could get the front suspension mocked up and into place. To begin with, the team worked on aligning the front tower in just the right place to then be spot-welded to the new frame and the controls arms mocked up into place to check measurements.

Stripped – Tearing Down the Seats of the 1958 Jensen 541R

The trim shop at Bridge Classic Cars have begun work on stripping back the rear seats of the 1958 Jensen 541R in with our team for paint and trim work.

Lydia, one of our trimmers, has carefully unpicked the covers to expose the foam core underneath. All of these pieces are being used for reference as part of the work, so are carefully organised and stored for the time being.

Once the covers had been taken off, Lydia could then begin piecing together and shaping out the new foam which will make up the core of the new rear seat of the 541R.